Haya Alqasem

Haya Alqasem

Department of Theology and Religion
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Analysing and Summarizing the Recent Approaches to Reread the Qurʾān by Muḥammad Shaḥrūr and ʿAdnān al-Rifāʿī
Supervisor: Professor Oliver Scharbrodt
PhD Theology and Religion


  • MA in Intellectual Encounters of the Islamicate World at Freie Universität, Berlin, 1st October 2018 – 30 September 2019
  • Master Degree in Muslim and Arab History at Birzeit University in Palestine, 2009-2013


I am Palestinian. I was born in Kuwait. Then, I moved with my family to Jordan where I got a Secondary certificate in 1998. After that, we moved to Palestine and live in Ramallah city. I got a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Birzeit University in Palestine, 1998-2002. However, as I am fond of history and religion I decided to get a master degree in Arab and Muslim history at Birzeit University. And, I got MA in Intellectual Encounters of the Islamicate World at Freie Universität – Berlin I am interested in Islamic studies, religions and holy books

Work Experience

I work as a research assistant online at Institute for the Near and Middle East in Germany in:

  • Making a comparison of variant readings of the Torah by comparing an Arabic online manuscript with a printed book, since May 2019
  • Translating of Arabic historical text into English since July 2021


In this research, I study the views and the methodologies of approaching the Qurʾān which were followed by two modern Syrian thinkers: Muḥammad Shaḥrūr and ʿAdnān al-Rifāʿī. This study will highlight new methodologies in dealing with the text of the Qurʾān. These methodologies can change the way of understanding and interpreting the verses of the Qurʾān. The methodologies of both thinkers diversified between linguistic, philosophical and mathematical. This research gives also answers to many questions about the Qurʾān; its history, authorship, and the way of obtaining information from it. This research addresses the audience who interested in the interpreting of the Qurʾān, Islamic studies, holy books, Jurisprudence, theology, and philosophy

Other activities

I am a new student member at International Qur'anic Studies Association