Ian Cook

Ian Cook

Department of Theology and Religion
Doctoral Researcher

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PhD title: The Occupations of Quakers in the 18th Century and their Interaction with the Wider Economy, Including a Case Study of the Iron Industry
SupervisorBen Pink Dandelion
PhD Theology and Religion


  • MA
  • MPhil


My Doctorate is a retirement project following a career firstly in engineering and latterly as an accountant where I ran a firm operating in the offshore environment.   Part of the motivation to carry out the study stems from my M.Phil viva, which stopped just as it was getting really interesting!


The aim of my study is to identify the spread of Quaker occupations and to use the emerging iron production industry as a case study for the contribution of a questing, non-conformist group to a quickly changing national economy.   The additional knowledge gained will add detail to the demography of the Quaker population in the eighteenth century and provide a view on the importance of industry and other sectors to the Quaker community.   It will provide an authoritative picture of the economic activity of 18th century Quakers and how they integrated into a rapidly changing society.  Additionally it will show specifically whether the Quaker contribution to a vital and booming iron industry was as substantial as has previously been postulated.   

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