Timothy N. Mitchell

Timothy N. Mitchell

Department of Theology and Religion
Doctoral Researcher

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PhD title: Family Π and the Codex Macedonianus (034) in the Synoptic Gospels
Supervisor: Dr Hugh Houghton
PhD Theology and Religion


In 1936 Silva Lake published her landmark work, Family Π and the Codex Alexandrinus: The Text According to Mark in which she reconstructed a stemma of manuscripts that were closely associated with Codex Petropolitanus (Π), and with less affinity, to Codex Alexandrinus. Since the publication of her monograph, several new manuscripts have been discovered that show a relationship to this group. This research will analyze the text of these manuscripts and evaluate their kinship to Π. Silva Lake noted that Codex Macedonianus (034) showed a relationship to the group but was unable to assess the text in detail. This study will re-evaluate Silva Lake's family stemma in relation to 034. This project also broadens the scope of Silva Lake's study beyond the Gospel of Mark to include the other Synoptic Gospels.