Dr Mehdi Sajid

CMR 1900 project
Section Editor, Germany and Austro-Hungary

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Dr Sajid is currently a postdoctoral researcher of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at Utrecht University. 


Mehdi Sajid completed his doctoral studies at the University of Bonn in 2014.  His thesis was entitled Muslims in Interwar Europe and the Deconstruction of the Fascination with the West: A critical reading of Shakib Arslan's articles in the Egyptian journal al-Fath (1926-1935).  His research interests include modern intellectual history, modern encounters between East and West, the formation of religious and national identities in Europe and the Middle East, and transnational Muslim networks in interwar Europe.  He is currently working on an ERC research project, led by Dr Umar Ryad, on the history of Muslims in interwar Europe.