Euro-Islam – news and analysis on Islam in Europe and North America

This project is led by Professor Jocelyne Cesari and is supported by the University's Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion.

Euro-Islam is a network of scholars who conduct comparative research on Islam and Muslims in Europe and North America, and disseminate key information to policy-makers, media, and the public. The site is recognized in academic, political and media circles as the most reliable online reference for Islam in Europe.

In the past two decades, the topic of Islam in the West has become central to practitioners, scholars, and decision-makers working across foreign and domestic policy domains. Policy solutions to complex issues – such as immigration, integration and anti-terrorism – require multi-disciplinary approaches that will only develop from a process of exchange and cooperation across both states and sectors. Committed partnerships between experts, thorough research, and innovative problem solving are required to tackle international and domestic challenges and to realize the opportunities for deeper understanding and respect across political, religious, and cultural boundaries.

Euro-Islam supports the networking, research, and purposeful dialogue that meet such demands. With up-to-date news stories, in-depth country profiles and analysis of contemporary issues related to Islam and Muslims in Western Europe and North America, including a database of recent publications, this project facilitates productive discussion on key issues and provides a networking platform for some of the fields’ top researchers.

Jocelyne Cesari is Professor of Religion and Politics at Birmingham, Director of Research for the Cadbury Centre, and a Senior Fellow at the Berkley Centre for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University (US). Her research explores the interactions between religion and politics across different traditions and cultures, with a particular focus on democracy, secularisation and toleration.