Ezra’s Legacy and the Dead Sea Scrolls conference

International conference, 8-10 December 2019

University of Birmingham

This international conference explored the wider horizons of the agenda of Professor Charlotte Hempel’s AHRC Project on Ezra’s Legacy and the Dead Sea Scrolls: Law and Narratives of Exclusion

The Conference covered aspects of research on Ezra-Nehemiah and the Dead Sea Scrolls in the broadest sense including the history of Jewish Law, Prayer in the Second Temple Period, the role of founder narratives and figures, the linguistic landscape including multi-lingualism, gender and sexuality studies, the social movements and tensions depicted in both literatures and the contribution of archaeology.


  • Lindsey Askin, University of Bristol, UK 
  • George Brooke, University of Manchester, UK
  • Michael DeVries, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Jasmine Foo, King's College London, UK
  • Lisbeth F. Fried, University of Michigan, USA
  • Charlotte Hempel, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Reinhard Kratz, University of Göttingen, DE
  • Noam Mizrahi, Tel-Aviv University, IL
  • Hindy Najman, Oxford University, UK
  • Roger Nam, George Fox University, Oregon, USA
  • Judith Newman, The University of Toronto, CA
  • Laura Quick, University of Oxford, UK
  • Lawrence Schiffman, NYU, USA 
  • James M Tucker, University of Toronto, CA 
  • Hugh Williamson, Oxford University, UK  
  • Sarah Wisialowski, Oxford University, UK 

Attendees at the Ezra's Legacy Project Conference 8-10 December 2019Photo by Mike Fried.

Public lecture

We would also encourage you to watch the public lecture associated with the conference (above):

The silence about Ezra in the Dead Sea Scrolls: where do we go from here?
Leading scholars discussed what ancient sources tell us about Ezra.

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