Research outcomes and disseminations: 

This page contains outputs and publications arising from the research, including photos, news about the project's progress, papers and articles written by participants, and the artwork that arises from the artist sessions.

A painting from the 'All at Sea' collection by Dr Rachel Gadsden

Academic outputs

Virtual Reality (VR) presentations

  • Tuesday 15th March 2022: Lund University ‘Virtual Reality Workshop on Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Jordan’.

Public talks and exhibitions 

  • Bibliomania
  • March 2020: Tools to Empower: New Creative Approaches in Researching Refugees and Migration, Solent Showcase
  • May 2019: Women, Islam and Art, Stowe School
  • April 2019: Public talk at the Prince Hassan Centre in Karak in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Jordan
  • June 2019: British Academy Showcase, London
  • June 2019: Milton Keynes Festival of the Arts
  • November 2018: Public event in conjunction with the diocese and University of Bristol
  • November 2018: Art exhibition hosted by the Disability and Deaf Arts Organization Festival (DaDaFest), Liverpool 
  • August 2018: Art exhibition hosted by the Council for British Research in the Levant in Amman, Jordan
  • August 2018: Art exhibition hosted by the local Jordanian NGO Khawla Bent Al-Azwar Society for Women Empowerment (grass-roots level initiative), Jordan

Newspaper and media coverage:

Published blogs and videos: 

Vlog: Narratives of Displacement

Principal Investigator Yafa Shanneik talks about her research interests and the project.