Syneidon project

The Syneidon project, based at the Graduate Institute of Theology and Religion, is dedicated to making the sometimes highly technical and complex analysis of the Bible accessible to a wider audience.

Dr Richard Goode, who launched the project says: “Syneidon is dedicated to providing an accessible and non-technical introduction to the academic research of the Old and New Testament for everyone who wishes to widen their understanding and appreciation of these texts, regardless of faith or academic ability.”

Syneidon has an online resource which is designed to provide an interface between scholars and faith communities. The website is intended to be an awareness raising tool, as well as a source for current research and a forum where both academics and non-academics can interact.

One unique aspect of the website is that it aims to provide, not only an explanation of different academic approaches, but also offers the opportunity for the visitor to practically apply them to a text and draw their own conclusions. Dr Goode says, “We have linked different approaches to the CSI investigation style of format for this purpose and to try and make it more accessible and appealing.”

Co-founder, Dr Helen Ingram, explains why Syneidon is such a significant venture: “There has been an endemic mistrust between the Church and academics and up until now both sectors have kept to their corner. The intention with Syneidon is to open the dialogue between the two communities, it is about enriching faith rather than threatening it.”