STEMM and Belief in Diverse Contexts Conference 2021

Wednesday 7 July (00:00) - Friday 9 July 2021 (23:59)
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In the last decade, there has been significant growth in social scientific and humanities research focusing on science, religion and belief in society. 


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Conference background

Greater attention is being paid to the varied ways in which perceptions of different aspects of STEMM subjects (science, technology, engineering, medicine, and mathematics) have been, or are, influenced by religious and non-religious belief, identity, community and conflict in different geographical, cultural and historical contexts. As this field of research has grown it has engaged in myth busting popular perceptions and stereotypes about the relationship between science and religion, which treat both science and religious/spiritual populations as monolithic. To date, much of this foundational research has focused on North American contexts or debates.

This online conference seeks to build on this essential work and address future avenues for research within the social scientific and historical study of science, religion and belief in society to examine the practical implications and applications of research in this field. Expanding the geographical focus, the conference will encompass a range of issues at global, or local levels around four interlinked areas:

  • Publics: Diverse (non)religious publics’ engagement with, and perceptions of, STEMM
  • Praxis: Issues relating to religion and (non)belief in scientific research or STEMM communication practices
  • Policy: Public policy analysis, exploring concerns with the development of, or implementation of, policy connected to STEMM, and religion or belief in society
  • Pluralism: Research on STEMM in pluralistic or religiously diverse societies.

The conference will bring together international researchers with backgrounds in sociology, science and technology studies, psychology, political science, history, social anthropology, and related humanities or social science disciplines, to discuss perspectives on the overarching topic of science and belief in society.

Please note, this conference will take place online.

The Science, Knowledge and Belief in Society Research Group

The International Research Network for the Study of Science and Belief in Society is funded by the Templeton Religion Trust. It supports the growth of high-quality international research examining the relationship between science and religion, in relation to cutting edge social issues and individuals’ lived experiences.   

The Science, Knowledge and Belief in Society Research Group is a multidisciplinary team of researchers based in the School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham that conducts social scientific and humanities-based research on: the public understanding and communication of the relationship between science and religion; research into the sociology and psychology of religion; and the role of science, knowledge and beliefs in diverse societies.