Emma Moseley

Team Manager, Birmingham City Council

Masters in Social Work, 2014

I chose to study the Social Work MA because I wanted to challenge myself academically. The course certainly provided that challenge and every day in my career, I am so thankful that I chose the University of Birmingham.

The course provided the opportunity to go beyond the surface level, dig deep and keep digging to uncover new perspectives and develop a sound value base – critical for a career in Social Work.

Why did you choose Birmingham?

The University of Birmingham has an awesome campus, I was so enamoured with the older buildings and the history of the University. More than that, I was impressed by the University of Birmingham’s longstanding commitment to social issues and philanthropic endeavours; what a foundation to study on. 

Describe your current role and organisation

I am Team Manager for the 7 Day Service at Birmingham City Council – this service provides hospitals across Birmingham, Solihull and Sandwell with social workers during evenings and weekends. This ensures people have timely discharges from hospital once they are fit and well, avoiding delays that often take place over the weekend.

Tell us about your career journey from Birmingham student to where you are today

I completed my 2nd Practice Learning Opportunity in the Transitions Team at Birmingham City Council and secured a full time, permanent position within that team after qualifying. I took every secondment opportunity available to me in my first 3 years as a social worker to gain valuable practice experience, for example I worked in the Preparing for Adulthood Team pilot where I worked with children and adults.

I became a Practice Educator and supported the placement of two students and shortly after moved into a Senior Practitioner role within the Transitions Team. This was my dream job, though extremely challenging.

An amazing opportunity to be seconded to a more senior role supporting the implementation of Birmingham City Council’s new IT case management system came up. Being keen to use technology in social work practice throughout my career so far, this role was just right for me, giving an opportunity for professional development and driving innovation in the social work profession. I remained in this role for about 18 months before moving into my current post, which is a permanent position with Birmingham City Council as Team Manager.

My career at Birmingham has been varied and this has helped develop a wealth of opportunity in terms of new learning about different areas of social work across the life course.

What has been the most extraordinary or memorable day on the job?

I supported a family and their son’s transition from Children’s to Adults’ Services. The journey was a difficult one for the family, they didn’t have any idea about what would be best for their son and family when they started out. We went on a journey together, with options being set out and explored. Though I needed to work at pace, I also needed to move at the speed that was right for the whole family; it was a very emotional time and a privilege to share that experience with the family. The intervention was well planned and resulted in a successful move for the young man into more independent living. The cherry on the cake was a heartfelt thank you card from the whole family – the words shared in the card were so touching and is something I will never forget. 

What is the best piece of advice you ever received (career or otherwise)?

‘Don’t be a sponge’ – some things happen, we can empathise but we need to let things go, we can’t be a sponge for the things that go wrong, or other people’s emotions, life circumstances, misfortunes or choices. Do you part, do it well, but keep in mind, it’s not all on you – decisions are made jointly with people, with family, carers and professionals and although Social Workers have a high level of responsibility, it’s not so great that we are the sole decision makers. 

What is your top career tip?

Don’t be afraid to make suggestions, not only to your Practice Educator, but be bold and confident and make suggestions to the Social Work Team Manager or even Head of Service. 

What one word would you use to describe the University of Birmingham?


Emma MoseleyWe Are (Third Width)


“Innovate. Question why things are done the way they are done, truly understand, and always keep an eye on how things could be improved.”