Strategic planning and decision making

Our work in this area focuses on the ways in which decisions are made and services are strategically planned in a context of financial pressures and multiple goals.

It covers topics such as:

  • The challenge of achieving equitable health care access and outcomes and the role of evidence in this.
  • The commissioning and/or strategic planning function as a means of securing desired health care outcomes for populations.
  • The role of public and other engagement activities in priority setting in health and care.
  • The challenges of decommissioning medicines, services and health care organisations.

To this end, HSMC works to develop theory, empirical understanding and practical wisdom on the theme of decision making and strategic planning. This means collaborating nationally and internationally with academic, policy and practitioner partners.

What work do we do in this area?


Current and recent research projects from this work area include:

Knowledge sharing

In September 2016, HSMC hosted the 11th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Priorities in Health. The Department also regularly organises or contributes to knowledge sharing events and programmes nationally and internationally. These include:


The department has run teaching programmes on themes such as:

  • priority setting and decision making
  • strategic commissioning
  • procurement and market management

From 2018 these will be combined into a single module 'Strategic Planning and Decision making', and these themes will also make up parts of the range of HSMC teaching programmes.

Who is involved in this work stream?

Hilary Brown, Iestyn WilliamsJudith Smith, Robin Miller, Yvonne Sawbridge, Russell Mannion

The key contact for this work stream is Iestyn Williams