Previous research projects across the Department




  • The future of social housing (2014-2015)
    David Mullins and James Gregory
  • Superdiversity - Civil society and new migrants in superdiverse contexts, Marie Curie Fellowship (2014-2017)
    Susanne Wessendorf and Jenny Phillimore


  • Bringing real localism into practice through co-operative housing governance - William Plowden Fellowship (2013)
    Dr Richard Lang
  • Applying neuroscience to social policy and the law (2013-2016)
    Dr Nathan Hughes
  • KING - Knowledge for Integration Governance - developing policy recommendations for the post-Stockholm Migrant Integration in the EU programme - European Commission Funded (2013-2015)
    Jenny Phillimore
  • Causes and experiences of poverty among refugees and asylum seekers in the UK: Review of evidence (2013)
    Dr Nando Sigona
  • Precarious status, migration governance and new geographies of mobility (2013-2017)
    Dr Nando Sigona
  • Financial advice and retirement in an age of superdiversity
    Dr Lisa Goodson
  • Health and wellbeing in the era of superdiversity (2013-)
    Sabi Redwood and Jenny Phillimore
  • Social anchoring in super-diverse transnational social spaces (SAST) (2013-2017)
    Aleksandra Grzymala-Kazlowska and Jenny Phillimore
  • Engaging staff through innovative communication (2013)
    David Mullins
  • Getting on in the UK: networks, class and culture (2013)
    Jenny Phillimore
  • Birmingham's Hearts and Minds Service (Birmingham & Solihull Alzheimer's Society): What have we learnt from early implementation? (2013)
    Denise Tanner
  • Safeguarding Adults Evaluation (2013-2014)
    Denise Tanner
  • Mental Wellbeing, Public Mental Health and Recovery (2013-2015)
    Jerry Tew


  • After the Taskforce: Monitoring financial inclusion
    Stephen McKay; Karen Rowlingson, Lindsey Appleyard and Ricky Joseph
  • Making the case in safeguarding: Enhancing safe practice at the interface between hospital services and children's social care (2012-2013)
    Professor Sue White
  • The role of social capital in refugee integration (2012-2013)
    Dr Jenny Phillimore
  • Releasing the community investment potential of social housing providers (2012-2014)
    Professor David Mullins
  • Responsibilities, ethics and the financial crisis (2012-2015)
    Tom Sorrell
  • In protracted limbo: Transitions to adulthood and life trajectories of former unaccompanied migrant children in Europe (2012-2014)
    Dr Nando Sigona
  • Legal status, rights and belonging: International symposia (2012-2014)
    Dr Nando Sigona
  • Migration regimes, models of citizenship and experiences of statelessness amongst Roma in Italy and the UK (2012-2014)
    Dr Nando Sigona
  • Knowledge and evidence review relating to the prevalence and incidence of neuro-developmental disorders in children and young people (2012)
    Dr Nathan Hughes
  • Making the links: Poverty, ethnicity and social networks (2012-2013)
    Angus McCabe
  • Development of a Practice Guide addressing the concept of maturity and its application to young adult offenders (2012-2013)
    Kathryn Farrow
  • A research framework for making music vocality programme (2012)
    Angus McCabe
  • Evaluation of the Empty Homes Community Grants Programme - Midlands Region (2012-2013)
    David Mullins
  • Poverty and Social Exclusion in the UK: Ten Years into the New Millennium (2012-2013)
    Simon Pemberton
  • Poverty and economic migrants in the UK in an era of superdiversity (2013)
    Simon Pemberton
  • Migrant maternity: putting knowledge into practice (2012)
    Jenny Phillimore
  • Responsibilities, Ethics and the Financial Crisis (2012-2015)
    Karen Rowlingson
  • Personalised Care in Mental Health (2012)
    Jerry Tew
  • MHRN Heart of England Hub (2012-2014)
    Jerry Tew



  • Reach in Evaluation (2010-2011)
    Dr Jenny Phillimore; Chris Allen
  • Review of Small Projects funded by European Integration Fund, European Refugee Fund and the Return Fund (2010-2012)
    Dr Jenny Phillimore; Dr Lisa Goodson
  • Understanding and supporting families with complex needs (2010-)
    Dr Nathan Hughes
  • Personalisation and severe mental illness: Impact for individuals and organisations (2010-2013)
    Jerry Tew
  • Healthy and Wealthy Together: Developing common Euro modules on migrants' health and poverty (2010-2011)
    Lisa Goodson
  • Further development of research skills of mid-career social work academics (2010-2011)
    Sue White
  • Understanding the experience of learners on entry to employment youth programmes (2010-2011)
    Chris Allen
  • Engaging with Workless Displaced Communities Understanding the Experience of Participating Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs)
    Chris Allen
  • Ensuring a socially sustainable housing market (2010)
    Karen Rowlingson
  • A review of Wilkinson's research on income inequality (2010-2011)
    Karen Rowlingson



  • Older people's experiences of care transitions (2008-2011)
    Rosemary Littlechild; Denise Tanner


  • Evaluation of Shelter Children's Services (2007-2011)
    Angus McCabe