Leadership and Social Work in the UK: Valuing its Potential

online event
Monday 31 October 2022 (17:00-18:30)

For more information contact: Professor Robin Miller or policyadmin@basw.co.uk

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This talk offers a unique opportunity to join the conversation on social work leadership across the UK. 

Historically, the issue of leadership hasn’t been discussed that much in social work. This is surprising, as all social workers will have experienced the tangible impacts of leadership in their organisations and teams, for better or worse. People commonly report that open and respectful communication with leaders is central to communities developing trustful relationships for service change and development. And for those who seek to demonstrate leadership in senior or practice roles, it often feels that they are left to themselves to work out key issues such as what it involves, how is it done, and can we do it better?

In Spring 2022, social work practice, policy, and academic leaders from across the UK came together for a roundtable on the opportunities and challenges of social work leadership. Organised by BASW and the University of Birmingham, this considered developments and research from each home nation. This webinar will share the main insights from the roundtable and provide opportunity for further debate and discussion

Taking part will be:

  • Rebecca Cicero (Improvement and Development Manager at Social Care Wales)
  • Aine Morrison (Deputy Chief Social Worker, Northern Ireland)
  • Iain Ramsey (Professional Social Work Adviser, Office of the Chief Social Worker, Scottish Government)
  • Lyn Romeo (Chief Social Worker Adults, England)
  • Ruth Allen (CEO BASW)

The event will be facilitated by Robin Miller (University of Birmingham).

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