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Conceptualising Carcerality

Academics from the School of Social Policy at the University of Birmingham to speak at a BRIDGE Seedcorn funded workshop in Illinois

How should we pay for social care in the long term?

Many people still assume that social care is funded in the same way as the NHS and will be available to them free of charge, and it often comes as a severe shock when people find out that this isn't the case

New Article by IRiS Deputy Director, Nando Sigona

Out now: "Navigating the Central Mediterranean in a Time of 'Crisis': Disentangling Migration Governance and Migrant Journeys", is an interesting new article by Nando Sigona and his MEDMIG colleague Simon McMahon in Sociology journal, 52(3).

New book co-edited by HSMC academics

This latest publication by HSMC Professor Russell Mannion and Honorary HSMC Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite covers from around the globe (152 countries) what the future might hold for healthcare systems.

Raising taxes to fund the NHS: are we (and the NHS) ready to grasp the nettle?

Judith Smith , Professor of Health Policy and Management and Director of Health Services Management Centre writes for the Social Sciences Birmingham blog: For the NHS to bring about modest improvements in its services, the Health Foundation and IFS argue that 4% annual rises in funding are needed, with 5% increases for a few years to kick-start the process of change.

Is anthropology legal?*

GDPR large

The codes used to guide us are designed for data protection, marketing and social media – not anthropology. Dr Rachel Humphris writes om how the GDPR will force us to rethink how we go about our research.

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