Chalisa Chintrakarn

The Motivations of Young Thai Women for Undergoing Cosmetic SurgeryChalisa

Chalisa’s PhD project investigates how cosmetic surgery undergone by young Thai female individuals connotes women’s self-pleasing and gendered oppression. This self-pleasing refers to both pre- and post-surgical self-satisfaction concerning beauty.This study shall prove significant to further decolonise feminist scholarship, as the Thai cosmetic surgery phenomenon has been little researched within the field of gender. After carrying out an online fieldwork, the project will perform thematic and narrative analyses to examine the data. 

Supervisors: Dr Kelly Hall and Dr Julie Whiteman


Chalisa has long been engaging in the disciplines of Gender Studies and Cultural Studies. Majoring in Culture, Society, and Media, she wrote the award-winning Bachelor thesis on the intersections of gender, Orientalism, and nationalism in Thai tourism promotional videos.

Chalisa later became interested in the resurgence of feminist ideas, particularly postfeminism and popular feminism. She therefore explored a Thai feminist campaign on social media within the contexts of postfeminism and popular feminism in her Master dissertation.

Apart from gaining a First-class Bachelor degree and completing her Master study with Distinction, she has so far received a number of academic excellence awards.

Recently, when not working on her PhD project, Chalisa has read articles and attended workshops on anti-racism. This inspired her to host a reading group on anti-Asian racism and feminism in June 2021 for a University PGR-led network called PGR Feminisms.


  • Bachelor of Social Science (Japan)
  • Master of Arts (King’s College London)

Professional memberships

  • International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR)
  • Social Policy Association (SPA)

Research interests

  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Body Image
  • Feminism
  • Neoliberalism
  • Social Media
  • Anti-Racism
  • Nationalism
  • Southeast Asia 

Teaching Responsibilities

During her Bachelor education in Japan, Chalisa was a teaching assistant for the following courses:

  • Introduction to Area Studies (Southeast Asia)
  • Cultural Studies
  • Pre-intermediate English
  • Intermediate English


Contact Details



Twitter: @jerrychalisa