Dr Gemma McKenna

Dr Gemma McKenna

Health Services Management Centre

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School of Social Policy
HSMC, Park House
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2RT, United Kingdom

Gemma is part of the Health Services Management Centre (HSMC) team teaching on the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Graduate Programme (EGA). EGA focuses on delivering excellence in Leadership throughout the NHS through the critical components of patient centred care, diversity, equality and inclusion, and sustainable development of services and processes. Gemma’s role also encompasses research and evaluation, with particular interests in child and adolescent mental health and public access and usage of urgent and emergency care services, with particular focus on vulnerable groups.  


  • PhD in Homelessness Social Enterprises, Middlesex University 2013
  • MA in International Development and Social Policy, University of Manchester 2009
  • BA (Hons) in International Business Studies, University of Portsmouth 2004


Gemma has 15 years’ experience of working in the third and public sectors, focusing on housing, homelessness and public health. With a background in critical and comparative approaches to social policy, she specialises in NHS urgent and emergency care, with a focus on methods to support research with vulnerable groups. Gemma has also been a board member of Health Services Research UK since 2017 https://hsruk.org/.

Prior to her recent academic posts at the University of Southampton, Gemma held research and policy positions in UK Parliament, Think Tanks, and European lobby organisations respectively. Working in research roles for Government and Shadow Ministers, as well as previous work with vulnerable groups, she uses these institutional and front-line experiences to identify practical policy-based solutions to public policy issues.

Gemma is passionate about ensuring peoples’ voices are heard and included in research design, outputs and policy development. She is a keen advocate of ‘citizens panels’, which she has used in NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) funded programmes to ensure public and patient voices are central to research projects and outputs. 

Other activities


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Gemma McKenna is a Fellow in the Health Services Management Centre, and specialises in child and adolescent mental health, public access and usage of urgent and emergency care services, with particular focus on patient centred care and vulnerable groups. She has worked with the Department of Health, the Cabinet Office, Department for Education, and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and the European Commission to advise on the future of health services and small business development.  As a chosen Commissioning Partner (through UK charity Fixers) for Government Task Force on Adolescent Mental Health her recent contributions include evidence for ‘Future in Mind’ Department of Health Guidance on the future of young people’s mental health  and with The British Youth Council around young people’s mental health organised by the House of Commons Youth Select Committee. As well as for the Education Committee on the future of careers guidance for young people.  Her work with young people with eating disorders has contributed to Parliamentary questions and informed debates around the improvement of community based services to support young people earlier and reduce the need for in-patient care.