Dr Denise Tanner

Dr Denise Tanner

Department of Social Work and Social Care
Senior Lecturer in Social Work

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Department of Social Work and Social Care
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Denise Tanner is a Senior Lecturer on BA and MA Social Work courses.  Her areas of teaching and research interest include adult social work/social care policy and practice; social work with older people; social work skills; social perspectives of mental distress; and service user involvement in education and research. She has lead responsibility for Postgraduate Research students in the Department of Social Work and Social Care. 


  • PhD Social Work (University of Warwick, 2005)
  • Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Coventry University, 1998)
  • Certificate in Supervisory Management (Distinction) (Coventry University, 1995) 
  • M.Soc.Sc. Mental Disorder Studies (University of Birmingham, 1985)
  • BSc. Sociology (1st class) with Certificate of Qualification in Social Work (University of Bath, 1982)


Denise began her social work career in the voluntary sector, working for Family Service Unit (FSU) in Sheffield. After completing a Masters in Mental Disorder Studies, she then worked for 11 years in the statutory sector, first as a generic community team social worker, and subsequently as a social worker and senior social worker in an Adult Team. During this time, she worked as both an Approved Social Worker (ASW) and a practice teacher. In 1996, she moved into an academic post as Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Coventry University, where she worked part-time until 2002. Between 2002-2004 while completing her PhD, she undertook freelance work, which included development work on service user involvement in social work education, teaching and tutoring on social work courses and training for local Social Services Departments. Between 2004-2008, she held a fixed term appointment as Associate Professor at University of Warwick, where her responsibilities included developing and supporting service user involvement on the social work programme and the development and support of practice learning. She joined Institute of Applied Social Studies in September 2008.


  • Adult social work/social care policy and practice
  • Social work with older people
  • Relationship-based practice
  • Social work skills
  • Qualitative social research
  • Service user involvement in research

Postgraduate supervision

Denise is interested in supervising postgraduate students undertaking study in the following areas:  social work with adults, especially older people; dementia and citizenship; social approaches to mental wellbeing; service user and carer involvement; participatory research/co-production; social work skills. She is particularly interested in research that uses participatory methods to explore service user experiences and perspectives.

Her current doctoral supervision addresses the following topics:

  • Teaching communication skills to social work students: A mixed methods evaluation
  • Approved Mental Health Professionals and  Alternatives to Admissions under the Mental Health Act


The main focus of her recent research and writing is the promotion of the wellbeing of older people. Her PhD research involved in-depth research with older people exploring their experiences of managing unmet need over a three year period. She has been involved in the evaluation of voluntary sector projects concerned with promoting the independence and wellbeing of older people. Her recent research includes: an exploration of the experiences of older people with dementia of moving into and between services; an analysis of the involvement of older people and people with learning disabilities as service user researchers; and an evaluation of a project for older people who use alcohol.

She is currently involved in a project funded by Wellcome Trust, ‘Ethical issues in self-funded care: co-producing knowledge with older people’, with Dr. Lizzie Ward, University of Brighton and Professor Mo Ray, University of Lincoln. She is also working on a Department of Health funded study, ‘Implementing the Care Act 2014: Preventing, reducing or delaying needs for care and support in adult social care in England’ with Professor Jerry Tew and other colleagues at University of Birmingham.   

Other activities

Denise is a member of British Society of Gerontology. She is also Trustee of a local care home. 


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