Dr Tarsem Singh Cooner

Tarsem Singh Cooner

Department of Social Work and Social Care
Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Contact details

Department of Social Work and Social Care
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Tarsem is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work, and Programme Director for BA Years 2 and 3.  In 2011 Tarsem was awarded a Birmingham University Teaching Fellowship in recognition of his wide ranging and significant interventions in learning and teaching across the institution. In his work across the institution he serves on the Board of the Valuing Teaching at Birmingham initiative, the University Learning Environment Group and the University Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) Steering Group.

Tarsem has been instrumental in developing innovative learning approaches such as his mobile phone/tablet app to help social workers explore how to navigate the ethical issues of using social media in social work. Also, this short film outlines a learning design he developed using Facebook to help students develop the skills and knowledge required to use social media as social work practitioners (click here to get open access to the related article in the British Journal of Social Work and related resources). As part of his responsibilities at the Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Mental Health Tarsem has also been instrumental in developing the Designing for Enquiry-based Blended Learning (DiBL) for cross University staff development training programmes.


  • PhD
  • AdCertPT
  • MSocSc
  • CQSW
  • BA (Hons)


Tarsem teaches on the post and undergraduate Social Work programmes as well as being an academic tutor.  He currently teaches on the Child Protection, Readiness for Practice Learning and Mental Health Collaborative Learning Initiative. As part of the DiBL Management and Development Group, he also works with the University's Centre for Academic and Learning Development (CLAD).  He is jointly responsible for delivering the DiBL training programmes that aim to equip academic staff with the technical and pedagogic knowledge and skills required to promote the University's vision for flexible, blended, enquiry-based learning.

The following film illustrates how he has used Facebook and Enquiry-based Blended Learning to help students explore personal and professional boundary issues in social work.

Other activities

Tarsem represents the College of Social Sciences on the University's Learning Environment Group and the Information and Technology Infrastructure Group.  He has also been responsible for co-writing the College of Medical and Dental Sciences e-Learning strategy. Tarsem is a member of the Social Care Institute for Excellence's e-Learning Materials Advisory Group; a member of the Steering Group as well as CEIMH co-investigator for the JISC funded SWAPBox Social Work and Social Policy Open Educational Resources Project.  Tarsem has also been a member of the steering panel for the Community Justice National Training Research into Open, Distance and e-Enabled Learning and Assessment, and a member of the e-Learning Sub-group for the Reform of Social Work Education and Training Practice Learning Project Group.  Tarsem is a board member of the British Journal of Social Work. Until recently he was also a member of Social Work Education Journal's Editorial Board. He has also recently contributed to the Open University's Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Technology podcast series.


Recent publications


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Other contribution

Cooner, T 2011, Child Protection Blended Learning: Youtube teaching video..

Littlechild, R & Cooner, T 2005, Interprofessional education: user and carer involvement trigger video: Institute of Applied Social Studies..

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