Dr Justyna Bandola-Gill

Dr Justyna Bandola-Gill

Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology
Assistant Professor in Sociology and Social Policy

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Justyna Bandola-Gill is an interdisciplinary scholar working at the intersection of (Global) Public Policy and Science and Technology Studies. In her research, she explores interactions between science and policy, in particular ways in which knowledge is organised, governed and mobilised across different settings in order to achieve political goals.  Her research explores different aspects of  knowledge policies and politics across two areas: i) research governance and evaluation and ii) global poverty and inequalities.


Assistant Professor in Sociology and Social Policy

  • PhD in Science and Technology Studies, University of Edinburgh, 2019
  • MSc in Science and Technology Studies (with Distinction), University of Edinburgh, 2015
  • MA in Political Science (with Distinction), Jagiellonian University, 2010


Module convenor:

  • Global Issues: Perspectives from Policy, Politics and Economics
  • Policy Evaluation

Postgraduate supervision

Justyna welcomes applications from PhD students interested in conducting projects that relate to her core interests, for example:

  • Evidence-based policymaking
  • Global Governance and Global Social Policy
  • Science Policy and Research Evaluation


Research interests

  • Data and Quantification
  • Policy knowledge and Evidence-based policymaking
  • Research evaluation and Research culture(s)
  • Global Social Policy
  • Poverty and Inequality

Current projects

Narrative CVs – evaluative storytelling and the construction of academic value, SRHE

The project explores the emergent practices of evaluation involved in the assessment of narrative CVs. This CV format, recently introduced by UKRI, asks researchers for a descriptive story of their contributions to the field, leadership potential and wider societal impact, rather than just a list of publications and grants. The aim of this innovation is to reconfigure the reward and recognition system in order to capture a diversity of contributions, practices and career paths in academia. The goal of this SRHE project is to explore the narrative evaluative inquiry involved in the assessment of narrative CVs to investigate whether this format indeed lends itself to an appreciation of different values in academic life and whether (and how) it extends the idea of ‘excellence’ beyond metrics.


  • Newer Researcher Award (2022) Society for Research in Higher Education
  • Carol Weiss Prize at Evidence and Policy (2021)
  • ECPR Excellent Paper Award awarded by the Knowledge Politics and Policy Standing Group (2020)



Bandola-Gill, J., Tichenor, M., Grek, S. (2022) Governing the Sustainable Development Goals: Quantification in Global Public Policy. Palgrave MacMillan.

Smith, K., Bandola-Gill, J., Meer, N., Stewart, E., & Watermeyer, R. (2020) The Impact Agenda: Constructing, Debating and Challenging the Assessments of Research Impact in the UK. Polity Press.

Selected  articles

  1. Bandola-Gill, J. (2022) Knowledge Brokering Repertoires: Academic Practices at Science-Policy Interfaces as an Epistemological Bricolage. Minerva. (online first)
  2. Bandola-Gill, J. (2022). Statistical Entrepreneurs: Political Work of Infrastructuring the SDG Indicators.  Policy and Society. (online first)
  3. Tichenor, M., Merry, S. E., Grek, S., Bandola-Gill J. (2022). Global Public Policy in a Quantified World: Sustainable Development Goals as Epistemic Infrastructures. Policy and Society. (online first)
  4. Bandola-Gill, J., Arthur, M., Leng, R. (2022) What is co-production? Conceptualising and understanding ‘co-production’ of knowledge and policy across different theoretical perspectives. Evidence and Policy. (online first)
  5. Bandola-Gill, J., & Smith, K. E. (2022). Governing by narratives: REF impact case studies and restrictive storytelling in performance measurement. Studies in Higher Education47(9), 1857-1871.
  6. Bandola-Gill, J. (2021) The Legitimacy of Experts in Policy: Navigating Technocratic and Political Accountability In The Case Of Global Poverty Governance. Evidence and Policy. 17(4), pp. 615–633
  7. Bandola-Gill, J., Grek, S., Ronzani, M. (2021) Beyond Winners and Losers:  Ranking Visualisations as Alignment Devices in Global Public Policy. Research in the Sociology of Organizations. 74(2), pp. 27-52
  8. Bandola-Gill, J. (2019) Between relevance and excellence? Research impact agenda and the production of policy knowledgeScience and Public Policy, 46 (6) 895–905. 

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