Postgraduate opportunities

We offer both taught and research based postgraduate programmes across a wide range of areas from exercise science to sport coaching. All of these programmes allow our students to develop and apply knowledge in the sciences of sport, exercise, health and rehabilitation.

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Taught programmes (MSc, MRes, PGDip and AdCert)   Research programmes (PhD) 

Our postgraduate programmes often involve collaboration with other departments in the University, such the Medical School and School of Psychology, as well as professional bodies such as Professional Golfers’ Association and Football Association.   

As a Birmingham student you will be taught and supervised by leading academics in their subjects. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise with you; you will become part of the School’s academic community which includes professors, lecturers, visiting experts, and fellow postgraduate students and researchers.

Lecturer and students in sports laboratory

"We're interested in fuel metabolism during exercise – in finding ways to prolong exercise performance. If we can find new ways to increase people’s capacity to burn fat, we may also help with the prevention of diseases such as obesity and diabetes."
Dr Gareth Wallis, Lecturer, pictured (centre) with PhD student Gareth Fletcher and MRes student Emily Novakovic