Graduate School of Sport and Professional Practice


“Developing High Performing, Impactful People”

The Graduate School of Sport and Professional Practice (GSSPP) is a world-leading centre for professional development in sport, physical activity, and rehabilitation based at the University of Birmingham.

A unique collaboration between the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, University Sport Birmingham, and our network of national and international collaborators, it is a focal point for staff from across the university involved in research informed holistic interdisciplinary work that uses sport and exercise as a model for change.

Spanning high performance environments, clinical settings, the education sector and community projects the GSSPP’s activities supports individuals to:  

  • Generate, evaluate, and use rigorous, academic evidence to enhance professional practice.
  • Develop the skills that are needed to excel in interdisciplinary teams.
  • Expand awareness and understanding of the social and environmental issues that underpin practice in sport, exercise, and rehabilitation settings.
  • Build the skills needed to advocate for policy and practice change, whether at local, national, or international levels.
  • Enhance problem solving via interdisciplinary thinking and working.
  • Be part of a vibrant, inclusive postgraduate community.

The power of our graduates

Identifying and responding to opportunities from professional practice, our graduates are developing the knowledge, skills, and attributes that lead to exciting, rewarding, and valuable careers. Through the developments in their practice and influence, they will ensure that sport, physical activity, and rehabilitation can change the world in diverse, inclusive ways.

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Develop with us

Doctorate in Sport and Exercise Science

The Doctorate in Sport and Exercise Science programme is designed for professionals involved in sport, physical activity, and rehabilitation. By completing this programme, you will become a researching professional who can undertake research and activities that inform professional practice within your organisation and more broadly within sport and exercise. You will also develop strategies to optimise personal and professional growth to maximise your potential to create change in yourself and others. This programme is ideally suited for those sport professionals interested in high-level CPD opportunities to improve practice quality and effectiveness.

The highly bespoke nature and focus of the research element of the programme enables you to investigate a broad range of areas related to your interests, including sport and exercise science, nutrition, coaching, physiotherapy, sports medicine, sport education, and sport management, among others.

MSc Exercise and Sports Medicine (Football)

Our Exercise and Sports Medicine (Football) MSc is designed for physiotherapists and sports medicine professionals who aspire to work in elite sports such as football. The program aims to develop your clinical reasoning skills and enable exploration and critical evaluation of exercise and sports medicine in elite sport. Through case studies, practical sessions, and seminars, you will gain specialist knowledge within the field of Sports Medicine and cover a wide range of topics, from injury/illness prevention to rehabilitation and return to play.