Andrew Murphy, General Manager of Sports Coaching Ltd

Andrew Murphy, BSc Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences Graduate and General Manager of Sports Coaching Ltd, talks about his time studying at the University of Birmingham and discusses how the skills he gained helped him build a successful career in sports coaching.

Next Steps -- BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences Graduate

Transcript of the video

Duration: 1.23 mins

Speaker Names (if given): S1 Andrew Murphy – General Manager Sports Coaching Ltd, BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences

S1 I’m currently General Manager of Sports Coaching Ltd. We put sports coaches into primary schools to deliver PE lessons. I chose the University of Birmingham because I wanted to study in a big city; also for my course, the University of Birmingham was in the top three for institutions for the course that I wanted to do. I wanted to come to a big city to study so that I could get a big social life but also have the opportunities there to do what I wanted to do really and get the kind of work experience for life after university. 

The course I did, Sport and Exercise Science, really helped in my current role because of all the different modules we did. We did anything from sports psychology to biomechanics, to biology. I did a lot of volunteering at the University of Birmingham through the Guild and going into local communities, local schools and delivering coaching sessions to young children. This really led into my current role because with that coaching background and managing other coaches, I really was able to step into the role that I do currently. I’d like to carry on working for this company and maybe in the next couple of years turn over a million pounds and be in charge of doing that. 

The reason I feel comfortable to manage these kind of people is because of the skills that I’ve learnt throughout my time at the University.