Lucinda Davies, Applied Golf Management Studies 2008

Lucinda Davies
'Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree because it most definitely is not.'
Lucinda Davies

Current role

Assistant Golf Professional at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club. Teaching and developing the game of golf to members of the golf club as well as promoting the sport to minority groups particularly ladies.

Career experiences

Prior to graduation I got my 1st job which was as the ‘Head Teaching Professional’ at Taba Heights Golf Resort in Egypt. I gained 5 months really valuable experience teaching golf to all levels of golfers in a fantastic resort. Upon returning I also had the opportunity to work for an accountancy firm which I did for 9 months from September – May whilst I actively searched for the right role back in the golf industry. This came in April when I was informed by Gary Jackson (Business Tutor on the Degree from the PGA) that an area I was looking to move to – Richmond had a golf course that was looking for a female pro. I rang up the head professional Matthew Paget immediately and went for an interview the following morning. Three weeks later I moved in to Richmond and started my new role teaching at Royal Mid-Surrey which is where I am now. In my 6 months thus far I have received National Press coverage as well as a grant from Play Sport, London providing free golf tuition to underprivileged and minority groups. I have built a strong client bank now and am working 6/7 days a week to continue building my contacts.

What is the best thing about what you are doing now?

H.O.P.E – Helping Other People Excel! This is one of my favourite motos because there is nothing better than being able to watch people improve in this sport. It is great to do a job that you enjoy; it has introduced me to hundreds of great people and every day is different. 

What was the best thing about your time as an AGMS student?

Building my knowledge and gaining the experience in the work I did including running a charity golf event which has really helped in what I am doing now. 

How did you grow as a person by coming to University? Did it change your life in any way?

Most definitely; it certainly gave me even more focus and determination to excel in the golf industry. The degree is unique and making it become more well known around the world is what I am striving to do. It has most definitely changed my life, without it I wouldn’t have become the first female golf professional in Egypt and I wouldn’t be where I am today in a job and area I absolutely love!

What were your expectations and experiences of Birmingham?

Great city, great campus, excellent facilities and transport links. Loved it.

Advice for current students

Make the most of your time, work hard and don’t let anyone tell you it’s a ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree because it most definitely is not. With the right attitude you can do anything you want in this industry.