Mark Denley, Applied Golf Management Studies 2007

Mark Denley
'I came to university after a career in a different industry. Coming to university allowed me to make a career out of my passion.'
Mark Denley

Current role

Teaching Professional and ProShop Manager, Golf du Haut Poitou, FRANCE  

Career experiences

Since graduating I have worked at the same golf club (Golf du Haut Poitou). I started as Director of Golf and Teaching Professional but in January 2009 I relinquished the Director role in order to concentrate on my teaching career. I still have a contract with the golf club to represent them to external organisations and to manage the Proshop. I recently opened an indoor golf school in Poitiers, the first of its kind in the region.

What is the best thing about what you are doing now?

My job is my passion. Equally, no two golfers are the same, so teaching them provides new challenges every day.

What was the best thing about your time as an AGMS student?

Being responsible for my results and/or success. The more effort I put in, the more I was rewarded. Consequently, I believe that this built strong foundations for my subsequent career in golf.

How did you grow as a person by coming to University?

Did it change your life in any way? Yes, I came to university after a career in a different industry. Coming to university allowed me to make a career out of my passion.

What were your expectations and experiences of Birmingham? 

It exceeded my expectations. The university has all of the academic resources you could possibly need as well as all of the leisure opportunities you could wish to take advantage of. The partnership with the PGA means that AGMS students can also benefit from the extraordinary resources and opportunities that the PGA also has to offer. On top of that, with a varied nightlife and lots of nice parks and canals, the city of Birmingham isn't as bad as its reputation might suggest! 

Advice for current students

Firstly, be 100% sure that you want a career in golf. Even if you don't know exactly which area you see yourself heading (Professional, Equipment sales, Event Management etc.). Once you are a student on the degree, take the opportunity to experience everything it has to offer including the wide variety of subject matter that makes up the degree. The degree might expose you to an area of the world of golf that you were previously unfamiliar with so if you don’t try everything you could potentially miss a life-changing opportunity.