Nick Martin

BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences Student Ambassador

The labs are where I can really apply what I'm learning and get to grips with it."

My time at Birmingham

I liked the open campus, it just felt like a really nice environment to work in. It seemed nice and relaxed,so I felt comfortable here immediately. And my mum liked it too, so obviously that was very important!

First year was amazing. There was always something going on. I met some great people, really enjoyed the course and got involved with loads of wider aspects of uni such as the sport.

What I most enjoy about my course is the labs! I've always struggled to focus in lectures, but I find the labs are where I can really apply what I'm learning and get to grips with it.

My favourite thing about life on campus is being able to do everything all in one place. I can get work done, have lunch with friends, take part in sports and go on nights out here. So I can literally do everything I would want to.

I'm from London, so I've always been used to a big city and being in Birmingham means I can still have access to so many things. Loads of great sporting events and concerts take place here and the transport links are great so I can visit people all over the UK.

About the Student Ambassador Scheme

I decided to become an ambassador as I wanted to help people making the choice about which uni to come to. It's a big step and being an ambassador means I can give prospective students a taste of student life at the uni rather than them hearing it from lecturers. I've worked open days and visit days, and done loads of things such as giving talks to prospective students and their parents and taking them on tours of campus. It's also made me feel a lot more involved with uni.

My top tips for prospective Birmingham students

  1. Don't let other people pressurise you to pick a certain uni, it's your choice!
  2. Make sure you've seen everything the uni has to offer
  3. Enjoy it when you get here!