Lucy Mellor-Bates, Applied Golf Management Studies

AGMS student Lucy
Lucy Mellor-Bates

Where did you go for your work placement?

The K Club in Ireland for 6 weeks

What was your job role when you were there?

Working with a fellow AGMS student, we ran The K Clubs Summer Golf Camp. We coached all the children who came to the camps over the 6 weeks, the age group ranged from 5 to 16 with the younger group in the morning and the older children in the afternoon. Our main role was to provide the kids with fun, enjoyable yet educational sessions. We used the SNAG equipment, which provided huge amounts of fun for both the kids and us!

Why did you decide to do a placement at that particular facility?

I knew that I was going to be doing a lot of Junior coaching whilst at The K Club, which really attracted me to this placement. I didn’t want to be sat behind a desk for my first year, I wanted some real life experience! This placement was very hands on and I gained some invaluable experience about coaching but also about people and organisational skills. I felt like I was part of the team, like I was an employee.

I didn’t want to be sat behind a desk for my first year, I wanted some real life experience!

What was the personal highlight of your time on placement?

I know this will sound cheesy, but when a number of the children would come up to me and ask whether I would be taking the sessions next year. The same positive feedback was also seen by the parents, who asked whether I would undertake any coaching sessions after the camps had finished.

How do you find living in your placement location?

Since being at University, I have become comfortable with the idea of being in a different living enviroment for months on end! Our accommodation was so actually on site and we had a 5 minute drive to the Smurfit Course (where the camps were held). On some of the weekends, I would venture into Dublin and get a taste of what that city’s like.

What were the main things you learned about working in the golf industry and yourself?

I learnt that there are certain protocols, which need to be followed. There are different types of golf clubs and knowing what their main goals are can affect how the club is run. Knowing a clubs USP is crucial because high quality service was The K Club’s main USP and everything had to be done perfectly and to one standard. I gained more of a realistic understanding of the mundane duties of a club, applying the theory we learn in a classroom to the real world. For myself, I learnt that I have the patience to coach Junior’s and that I actually enjoy it! Its given me greater understanding of what I want to do in the future, I’m hoping my next placement can open my eyes even further to the opportunities which are available.

What is your top tip for other students thinking of doing a placement at that facility?

My top tip for working at The K Club, is to know what you’re doing, when and how you’re doing it. Clubs have a reputation to uphold, so you need to withhold this and not lag behind. If you’re looking for a placement where you get hands on experience at coaching then this is the place for you. They gave us the opportunity to experiment with different coaching techniques, e.g. using the SNAG equipment.

What are your aspirations for the future and how has the placement benefited you?

My personal aspiration is to work within more of the Business sector of the golfing industry, more towards marketing. This placement allowed me to see behind the scenes of their marketing campaigns for both the club and the summer camps.