Kingstun Levi Barrett Nelson

kingstun-nelsonBSc Sport and Exercise Sciences

“I am the University Basketball Ambassador. This opportunity has given me the opportunity to manage a large budget, to plan events and regular sessions, to fund other students and myself to gain additional relevant qualifications and to develop my leadership skills.”

Why I chose Birmingham

I fell in love with the city of Birmingham. As such a big and diverse city, there are so many opportunities for work, leisure and to meet and network with people of all types of professional and racial background. The city is still growing and is under a lot of development. This was definitely a place that I could see myself studying in for the next 3 or so years.

The University of Birmingham is a much respected university as both a Russel Group University and Redbrick University. The university offered a huge amount of financial support through grants and (sport and non-sport) scholarships. Their study abroad programme also stood out to me. Offering me an opportunity to study abroad in more partnering universities and countries than all other universities that I researched.

What is unique about my course

The university have larger Sport Science facilities than any other UK university. Many of the staff who deliver our modules are internationally recognised in their field. This means that the lectures are so much more enthusiastic and knowledgeable around the modules that they are teaching.

My personal highlight

I have loved it all. I would say that above all, my basketball ambassador role has been the best. This has given me the opportunity to work very closely with University of Birmingham Sport, and also gave me a number of opportunities outside of the university.

Living in Birmingham

Birmingham is a great place to live. Due to the great infrastructure within the city, it is very easy to get around and also to leave when I wish to travel home. There is a train station on campus! The night life in the city is also amazing. I don’t drink yet I still enjoy the nights out, especially some of the events run by our Guild of Students.

There are also a huge variety of non-alcohol social opportunities. For example, there are many cinemas, a huge shopping centre, the Barclaycard arena, bouldering outlets, and Europe’s biggest trampoline park.

nelson-kingstun-basketballClubs, societies or events I've been involved in

I have been involved very heavily with clubs and societies and I believe that this is what has made my experience so special. There are so many societies available and there is no doubt that there is something for everyone. I am a member of the African and Caribbean Society and am considering campaigning for a committee position for next year. I am also very involved with the spoken words society. The societies are completely student run and are very active. For example, the ACS society offers social sports and nights out for its members, careers advice and opportunities, workshops and join events with other universities.

I am also the University Basketball Ambassador. This job involves working closely with the team captains, the university and the Basketball Foundation to increase basketball provision and participation for non-club members. This opportunity has given me the opportunity to manage a large budget, to plan events and regular sessions, to fund other students and myself to gain additional relevant qualifications and to develop my leadership skills. 

My aspirations for the future

I am still deciding whether or not I would like to pursue a career in sport. The University careers network are giving me great support in making this decision. There is a huge array of work experience opportunities in the sporting industry, and opportunities within the university. Despite studying sport science, I also have the opportunity to take a graduate programme with Lloyds Bank as they have supported me with a full scholarship. Regardless of your choice of degree, the reputation of the university and the value of a University of Birmingham degree opens a lot of opportunities that you may not have previously considered.

My top tips for prospective Birmingham students

Don’t be scared to get involved. Your degree is only a tiny part of your University qualification. There are so many clubs, societies and part time roles that can help you to develop as an individual. The University of Birmingham has certainly offered me more than I could have ever expected. Make sure to research and ask exactly how the university can help you outside of your course.