Event Calendar

The events programme is always being developed - we'll be adding new events on an ongoing basis, so keep checking back for new events. Events listed here are open to all Technicains.

Two Year commitment plan - Forthcoming Events.

TBC: Technician Tours: Birmingham Energy Centre 

A 1 hour tour by Technicians for Technicians

Come take a look and find out about how energy is generated on campus and the roles of those who work on these systems. 

05th September 2018: Technicians' Showcase Event 

Invitation Open to All 

An event aimed at highlighting key projects involoving Birmingham Technicianal staff including research, teaching, technique sharing and equipment information

The Technicians Showcase event is aimed at promoting the work undertaken by the Birmingham Technician giving them the recognition they deserve. 

This event will be held in the Medical School Wolfson Common Room on Wednesday the 5th September 2018.

Posters will be judged by attendees and there will be a prize for the best poster.

The top 3 posters will be on display at the Annual Technical Academy Event in November.

If you would like to find out more about the University's Technicians, come along to the Technical Academy Showcase event.


20th September 2018: IST Conference 

IST One-day Technical Conference 2018 - 20th September


Venue:  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newcastle

Thursday 20th September 2018
Start 10.00 and close at 16.30

Book early to ensure your place – Early Bird rates found below

IST Conference 2018 Leaflet
Online booking form

23rd October 2018: Professor Deborah Falla talk on Neck Pain 

More information to follow. 

13th November 2018: 2nd Technical Academy Conference 

More information to follow. 

19th December 2018: Christmas Party

More information to follow.

11th January 2019: Health and Happiness Workshop

LES Health and Happiness Workshop 

Happiness and wellbeing are increasingly on the national and international agenda. The University has a wealth of research expertise covering all aspects of the topic. As a major employer, it is also committed to creating an environment where staff wellbeing is clearly understood and a recognised priority. The aims of this workshop are to:

  1. Explore the range of (UoB) research that can inform “happiness” initiatives in the workplace
  2. Facilitate a cross-campus network of interdisciplinary research

This workshop hosted by  Professor Jeremy Pritchard brings together expertise from across the institution with best practice experience.

Everyone from across the College of Life and Environmental Sciences are encouraged to attend this unique and important talk to share ideas on how we can best shape and develop this  agenda, to create world class multi-disciplinary research and influences a programme that positively impacts the wellbeing of all LES colleagues.

February 2019: BUAFTA Awards - New Technician Category!!

February 2019 - Buafta Awards with a new category of Technical Team of the year 

March 2019: Technicians Tours : BIFoR

More information to follow.

April 2019: Easter Charity Bake Sale

More information to follow.

May 2019: Technicians' Showcase Event 

More information to follow.

June 2019: Science Council Registration Event

More information to follow.

July 2019: Technician BBQ

Annual summer BBQ, more details to follow. 

August 2019: Launch Spotlight on Campaign

A campaign at highlighting the work Technicians do and how vital they are within the University. 

September 2019: Hands on Technician Event

Technicinas have the opportunity to get hands on and experince different Technicians Jobs, in a series of Lab Swaps. 

October 2019: Professors Recognition Event

More information to follow.

November 2019: 3rd Technical Academy Conference

More information to follow.

December 2019: Technician Christmas Party 

More information to follow.
More information to follow.