The Birmingham Professional

Professional Services are vital to the delivery of the Strategic Framework and to the academic mission of the University of Birmingham. Through their contribution to every aspect of University life, they help to create an environment in which important things happen.

The value of Professional Services

Excellent Professional Services provide outstanding support to our researchers, enable an exceptional educational experience for our students, and help the University to grow its influence regionally, nationally, and globally. They ensure the University’s resources are used wisely, manage and improve the infrastructure which sits at the heart of the institution, and support decisions to be made quickly and based on sound evidence.

The Birmingham Professional programme

The Birmingham Professional affirms our commitment to, and our expectations of, Professional Services staff. It is about expecting and supporting all our staff to demonstrate the University’s values of excellence, leadership, a pioneering spirit, purposefulness and pragmatism.

The Birmingham Professional is firstly an ethos: it underscores a culture of partnership and trust between academic and professional colleagues working to common goals. It is about pursuing excellence in the services we provide, taking pride in our work, taking personal responsibility for our development, and working well with others.

Secondly, it creates an identity. We aim for our Professional Services to be integrated across the institution, and this is underpinned by the Birmingham Professional. It helps staff across Professional Services to connect, whether centrally-based or in the Colleges, and it demonstrates their value to the University and the important contribution they make to its ambitions.

Finally, by bringing together a range of activities and opportunities, the Birmingham Professional helps our people to be confident and perform to the highest standards in their current roles, encourages them to improve their knowledge and skills, and supports them where they show a desire to advance their careers.

The Birmingham Professional programme is for everyone who works in Professional Services, irrespective of grade, where they are located in the University, or role. This includes support staff, academic-related staff, senior managers, technical staff, administrative staff, catering, estates, cleaning and grounds staff, nursery staff and security officers across all levels of the University.

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