Mr Gavin Rudge Msc

Institute of Applied Health Research
Research Fellow

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Murray Learning Centre
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Gavin Rudge is a research Fellow in the Institute of Applied Health Research. He has 20 years experience in Health Services research and prior to joining the University had a career in the Health Service as an information analyst and a Clinical Audit manager.

His research interests are health geography, quality in healthcare and data mining. 


  • MSc in Managing Quality in Health Care 2003


Gavin has worked in the health sector since 1991, when he became a workforce analyst at the West Midlands Regional Health Authority. Drawing on earlier private sector experience in quality measurement, he then joined the first wave of clinical audit staff employed in the NHS, first as a medical audit facilitator working with GPs in a Family Health Services Authority and then as a Clinical Audit manager in a community services provider trust. 

Gavin joined the Department of Public Health at the University of Birmingham in 2000 initially working on the methodological basis of case-mix adjustment, drawing on his background in clinical informatics. He then went on to manage the West Midlands Accident and Emergency Surveillance Centre hosted here in the University and also ran the Regional ‘Safe Haven’ which was a programme to provide data and data analysis to the local health economy using access to the national secondary care database. 

Since April 2011 he has been a Research Fellow working on a wide variety of externally funded research projects mainly in Health Services Research. He has an interest in health geography and more recently his portfolio has extended into collaborations with Geography Departments.

As well as undertaking research, Gavin teaches on post-graduate and undergraduate programmes in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences.


Postgraduate supervision

Gavin supervises Master's dissertations on the Master's in Public Health (MPH) programme.


Gavin is currently working on the following projects:

  • WM-Air  is a wide ranging multi-agency research initiative led by the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences here at Birmingham.  It will explore air quality in the West Midlands.  Gavin is tasked with delivering analyses of the epidemiological data which will be incorporated into the study. The study is funded by the Natural Environmental Research Council.
  • The HiSLAC project, a national study of the move towards seven-day services in the English NHS. Gavin has compiled a large data warehouse of admissions data for England and is working on mortality risk adjustment models. The study is due to report at the end of 2019.  This project is funded by the National Institute for Health Research.
  • USE-IT: Unlocking Social and Economic Innovation Together. This is a project which explores how local community assets can be mobilised in response to large-scale infrastructure investment in the inner city. It works across many disciplines including Geography, The Business School, Health and Urban and Regional Planning. It is funded by the European Union. 
  • The collaboration for Leadership in Applied Research and Care West Midlands (CLAHRC-WM ) was a collaboration between the NHS, the Universities of Birmingham, Warwick and a range of third sector and Local Government organisations. Gavin was an active researcher in this collaboration.  The project ended recently but he is working on a range of legacy projects including a number of studies in child and maternal health.  These include an observational study of emergency admission of neonates (recently published) and a study of emergency readmission of women following a birth event which is currently being prepared for publication. CLAHRC-WM was funded by the National Institute for Health Research. 
  • Gavin's interest in Geographical Information Systems leads to a number of requests for support in other research programmes where analysis and visualisation of spatial variables are needed or where skills in handling neighbourhood profiling data are required. In this capacity he advises or supports projects in a wide range of areas such as: medical education, childhood obesity, research into secondary care re-configuration, climate and health and synthetic estimation of deprivation in non-standard geographies. 


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