Mr Gavin Rudge Msc

Mr Gavin Rudge

Institute of Applied Health Research
Research Fellow

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Murray Learning Centre
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Gavin is a Research Fellow specialising in observational studies in healthcare. He is particularly interested in linkage studies, secondary care service utilisation, cohort studies and the use of spatial data in health research.  He also works as a front-line advisor in the West Midlands Research Design Service, where he provides specialist advice to clinicians and academics who are developing research proposals for submission to grant awarding bodies.


  • MSc in Managing Quality in Healthcare, University of Birmingham, 2003


Gavin joined the University of Birmingham in 2000 having had a background in the NHS. He started his health service career in Workforce analytics in the Regional Health Authority and moved into Clinical Audit shortly after it was first introduced into the NHS in the early 1990s.  He worked initially in Clinical Audit in primary care, specialising in diabetes and later as a Clinical Audit Manager in a Community Health Trust where he delivered clinical audit programmes in acute psychiatry, learning disability, community paediatrics and allied health professions providing community services. 

On joining the University Gavin worked for the West Midlands Levy Fund, a portfolio of applied research commissioned by Directors of Public Health in the West Midlands. He delivered work on case-mix analysis, health needs assessments and managed a Regional A&E Surveillance Centre which provided intelligence on how populations used Emergency Departments. He was also involved in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in decision support and worked with a team of researchers to develop the first GIS capability in the Department.  After the Public Health Reforms of 2012 the focus of applied health research shifted to the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health and Care (CLAHRC). The University won funding from the NIHR to run a CLAHRC and Gavin was one of the researchers who joined at its inception, working on a portfolio that included elective surgery outcomes, health and housing and child and maternal health. The CLAHRC model involved spinning off a number of funded projects and Gavin has worked on a number of these. 

Gavin remains a Research Fellow in the Institute with a varied research portfolio as outlined in the research section below. 



  • Evidence Based Medicine and Research Methods

 Master’s in Public Health

  • Health Information and Health Informatics
  • Sociology and Social Policy

Postgraduate supervision


Gavin tackles research questions which rely on understanding how populations use acute hospital care.  Acute hospitals in the English NHS have a common data set which is highly complex and evolves over time.  It is a challenging data set to work with, as it records many millions of patient contacts every year and uses complex coding systems which require specialist knowledge to work with.  Gavin has over 20 years’ experience working with these data and typically delivers at-scale observational studies on large populations.

He is currently working on a study of survivors of childhood cancer. He is exploring how survivors use hospitals in their life course, not just for subsequent cancers, but also any other illness requiring treatment. This has involved linking data on survivors to hospital admissions data and then comparing the admission patterns of survivors to that of the general population.

Gavin is also working with the Child and Maternal Health team of the West Midlands ARC to explore emergency readmission following giving birth.  This is a study of over 6 million births in England occurring between 2007 and 2017. It seeks to understand the factors that may predict emergency readmission and to explore why the proportion of births affected and the underlying readmission diagnoses are changing over time. The analysis has been completed and a paper is currently being written.

This work draws on notable observational studies he has previously worked on many of which have been published in high-impact journals.  He undertook the largest mother and baby hospital linkage study that has been published thus far.  He linked admission records of over 7 million children in early life course back to their birth events.  This NIHR funded study was used to explore how changes in antibiotic protocols affected prevalence of auto-immune and other diseases in offspring.  As parents and their children are not linked on national NHS IT systems, a deterministic / probabilistic matching algorithm had to be used to deliver this work.  The results were published in the British Medical Journal 

Another hospital-based study Gavin has worked on was the HiSLAC study. This was an NIHR funded national evaluation of the Seven Day Services policy introduced in 2014. This study examined the association between case-mix adjusted mortality with consultant staffing at weekends.  It analysed admissions and mortality in 20 Hospital Trusts. The work required calculating the secular trend of case-mix adjusted in-hospital mortality for the whole of England for several years which involved interrogating tens of millions of hospital admission records. Seven papers relating to this study were published including one in The Lancet.  He was invited to collaborate on this study following earlier work he had done on hospital mortality and patient safety.

The other area of Gavin’s work is using spatial data in health research.  Typically, he collaborates with cohort studies which need to add geographic variables to their data and analyse them with respect to environment or location. He also undertakes his own research in this area, an example being as a well-cited study of how distance from hospital affects the use of A&E departments ( He is also interested in how urban form affects walkability and in turn, how this affects physical activity. He has collaborated with several teams of researchers in Germany and has explored the relationship between physical activity in cohort subjects and walkability of their neighbourhoods using GIS-based metrics he has developed himself ( He is also working on a similar study using a general health and lifestyle cohort in Taiwan which is being prepared for publication.

Gavin contributes to pedagogy in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, where he teaches research methods to undergraduate medical students.  He also lectures on demographics, health informatics, and health and place on the Master’s in Public Health Programme (MPH). He also supervises Master’s dissertations on the MPH.

Gavin also works part-time as a Front Line Advisor for the West Midlands Research Design Service where he assists applicants for research funding from the health and knowledge economies of the Region to develop their research proposals for submission.


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