Dr Charlotte Hoole

Dr Charlotte Hoole

The Department of Strategy and International Business
Research Fellow

Contact details

Birmingham Business School
Ash House
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2TT

Charlotte is a Research Fellow at the City Region Economic and Development Institute (City-REDI), currently working as a Co-Investigator of LIPSIT (‘Local Institutions, Productivity, Sustainability and Inclusivity Trade-offs’), funded by the ESRC. Previously, Charlotte held an ESRC postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Sheffield (ES/S010122/1).

Her research interests lie broadly within urban and regional studies, with a specific focus on sub-national policy and governance structures. Her most recent work in this area has focused on the geopolitics involved in region-building and the role of spatial imaginaries in promoting new growth models. 


  • PhD, Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield, 2018
  • BA (Hons), Geography, University of Sheffield, 2012


Charlotte completed her degree in Human Geography from the University of Sheffield in 2012, before receiving a scholarship in 2013 to undertake a PhD in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield (awarded in 2018). Her doctoral thesis investigated sub-national leadership and governance in the context of city-regionalism, devolution and austerity in England since 2010.

Since the beginning of her academic career, Charlotte has carried out research that aims to inform and influence local, regional and national policymaking. For this she has received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council, local and national government in England, and a number of UK-based charities.

In 2015, Charlotte completed a 3-month internship within Sheffield First Partnership, funded by the ADH Crook Fellowship Scheme. In 2016, she then joined City-REDI in the Birmingham Business School where she worked for two years as a Policy and Data Analyst. More recently, after completing her PhD in early 2018, she won an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship to continue her research on city-regions, devolution and local governance at the University of Sheffield.

In 2019, Charlotte returned to the University of Birmingham as a Co-Investigator of LIPSIT ‘Local Institutions, Productivity, Sustainability and Inclusivity Trade-offs’, funded by the ESRC.


Research interests

  • Urban and regional policy and planning
  • Local and regional governance
  • Region-building and soft spaces of planning
  • Local and regional histories and identities
  • Productivity and inclusivity trade-offs
  • Spatial inequality

Current projects 

LIPSIT (‘Local Institutions, Productivity, Sustainability, and Inclusivity Trade-offs’), funded by the ESRC.


Hoole, C., and Hincks, S. 2020. Performing the city-region: Imagineering, devolution and the search for legitimacy. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 52(8): 1583-1601.

Hoole, C., Hincks, S., and Rae, A. 2019. The Contours of a New Urban World: Population Growth and Density in 30 Megacities since 1975. Town Planning Review, 90(6).

Hoole, C. 2019. Global City Makers: Economic Actors and Practices in the World City Network. Built Environment, 45(2): 268-269 (Book Review).

Hoole, C. 2015. The Housing Question: Tensions, Continuities and Contingencies in the Modern City. Housing Studies, 30(1): 173-174 (Book Review).

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