Dr Douglas Ward

Dr Douglas Ward

Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
Senior Research Fellow

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Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
Robert Aitken Building
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Doug Ward is a Senior Research Fellow in the Bladder Cancer Group at the University of Birmingham.  His main research interests are the use of proteomic and genomic platforms to discover prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers for bladder cancer, biomarker validation and translation in to clinical use.


  • PhD in Protein Biochemistry, University of Leicester 1997 
  • BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, University of Leicester 1991


Doug Ward spent the early part of his career using a range of biophysical techniques to investigate the structure and function of proteins such as Na,K-ATPase and cardiac troponin.  This lead to an interest in mass spectrometry and proteomics which expanded to proteomic analysis of clinical specimens in a range of biomarker discovery projects.  He now focuses on bladder cancer and uses both proteomic and genomic platforms for biomarker discovery.  This discovery work continues in parallel with ongoing validation of several novel biomarkers.



There are over 10,000 new cases of bladder cancer in the UK each year.  It is a very expensive cancer to treat and outcomes have not improved significantly for decades.  There is considerable scope to harness the molecular characteristics of these tumours to improve patient care.  Doug Ward’s current research centres around 2 hypotheses: 

1)    It should be possible to replace current invasive procedures (cystoscopy) with biomarker-based tests for the non-invasive detection of bladder cancers.
2)    Prognostic biomarkers should enable more effective treatment and monitoring of patients with bladder cancer. 

Using next generation sequencing and mass spectrometry-based proteomics our group has identified a number of potentially useful biomarkers for bladder cancer.  We are now using techniques such as targeted next generation sequencing of urinary DNA to validate these biomarkers in large cohorts of bladder cancer patients.


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