Dr Alexandra Iordachescu

Dr Alexandra Iordachescu

School of Chemical Engineering
Research Fellow

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Institute of Translational Medicine
Old Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Heritage Building
Mindelsohn Way
B15 2TH

Alexandra is a Research Fellow at the Healthcare Technologies Institute in the School of Chemical Engineering. Her work involves the development of organ-like structures and tissues in the lab for understanding the biochemical mechanisms behind certain pathological conditions, as well as for advancing the areas of regenerative medicine and personalised tissue grafts for transplantation.

Her research involves using novel biomaterials, as well as optical and spectroscopic technologies, for three-dimensional characterisation of tissues, from the nano to the macroscale.


PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham, 2018

MSc in Space Physiology and Health, King’s College London, 2014
BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences, University of Manchester, 2012


Alexandra undertook a joint Doctoral Research Programme between the Universities of Birmingham and Oxford, where she worked under the supervision of Professor Liam Grover and Assoc. Professor Philippa Hulley. Her Doctoral work concerned developing mature bone-like tissues in the lab and culturing these for clinically-relevant durations (1-2 years).

Following completion of her PhD, she joined the Healthcare Technologies Institute in the School of Chemical Engineering as a Research Fellow, working on advancing medical technologies using organotypic testing platforms.  

Alexandra is also a Space Scientist specialised in the physiological response to Aviation and Space environments.

Postgraduate supervision

Please contact Alexandra directly for collaborations and project supervision.


Iordachescu, A., H. D. Amin, S. M. Rankin, R. L. Williams, C. Yapp, A. Bannerman, A. Pacureanu, O. Addison, P. A. Hulley and L. M. Grover (2018). "An In Vitro Model for the Development of Mature Bone Containing an Osteocyte Network." Advanced Biosystems 2(2).

Iordachescu, A., P. Hulley and L. Grover (2018). "A novel method for the collection of nanoscopic vesicles from an organotypic culture model." RSC Advances 8(14): 7622-7632.