Brydiga Dzidek MSc Eng

School of Chemical Engineering
Marie Curie Fellow

Contact details

School of Chemical Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Brygida Maria Dzidek got her M.Sc. Eng degree in Material Engineering from the University of Silesia (Poland), with specialisation in “Smart” Material characteristics. Brygida gained research experience working in Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) developing new biomaterial and ceramic composites. From September 2013 she is a Research Fellow in the School of Chemical Engineering at Birmingham University carrying out her work within the EU founded ITN Prototouch.

“The objectives of my PhD are the experimental and analytical analysis of tribological interaction of the finger pad and tactile displays. Characterisation of mechanical properties development within the human fingerpad and existing (as well as novel) tactile devices will help to understand the physic of human touch. Together with Prototouch partners we are working to understand the mechanisms of interactions with existing tactile devices. This would form the bases for the development of new technology with enhanced haptic feedback. “


Dzidek, B. al (2014). Role of occlusion in non-Coulombic slip of the finger pad. In Haptics: Neuroscience, Devices, Modeling, and Applications (pp. 109-116). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Sednaoui, T., Vezzoli, E., Dzidek et al., Experimental evaluation of friction reduction in ultrasonic devices. Proc. IEEE World Haptics Conference, Chicago, USA. 2015

Vezzoli, E., Dzidek, B., Sednaoui, et al., (2015). Role of fingerprint mechanics and non-Coulombic friction in ultrasonic devices. Proc. IEEE World Haptics Conference, Chicago, USA.

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