Professor Caroline Bradbury-Jones PhD, MA, RN, RM, HV

Professor Caroline Bradbury-Jones

School of Nursing and Midwifery
Professor of Gender Based Violence and Health

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Institute of Clinical Sciences
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Caroline is a registered nurse, midwife and health visitor. Since joining academia she has developed research expertise in the field of domestic violence and abuse.  Specifically, within the scope of addressing inequalities, focused on issues of family violence and child abuse and neglect. Caroline has led or been actively involved in securing funding for several research projects relevant to these areas. 


  • 2009 - Bangor University, PhD in Nursing
  • 2005 - Manchester Metropolitan University, MA in Education
  • 1996 - Manchester Metropolitan University, PG Certificate in Education             
  • 1995 -  Manchester Metropolitan University, BSc (Hons) Community Health
  • 1991 - Manchester Metropolitan University,Registered Health Visitor
  • 1988 - Salford Health Authority, Registered Midwife
  • 1983 - Clwyd Health Authority, Registered General Nurse


Caroline teaches on a range of programmes and she leads a module of Mixed Methods.

Postgraduate supervision

Caroline Bradbury-Jones is a registered nurse, midwife and health visitor. Her research interests lie broadly within the scope of addressing inequalities and more specifically are focused on issues of family violence and child abuse and neglect. She has led or been actively involved in securing funding for a number of research projects relevant to these areas. Caroline welcome enquiries from prospective doctoral researchers whose research interests match her own.


Recent publications


Shah, S, Bradbury-Jones, C & Taylor, J 2022, 'Access to and utilisation of sexual and reproductive healthcare for women and girls with cerebral palsy: a scoping review', Disability and Society.

Nash, K, Minhas, S, Metheny, N, Gokhale, K, Taylor, J, Bradbury-Jones, C, Bandyopadhyay, S, Nirantharakumar, K, Chandan, J & Adderley, N 2022, 'Association between childhood maltreatment and atopy in the UK: a population based retrospective cohort study', EClinicalMedicine.

Donagh, B, Bradbury-Jones, C, Swift, A & Taylor, J 2022, 'Domestic abuse sibling study (DASY): a multi-method study protocol', BMJ open, vol. 12, no. 10, e065022. bmjopen-2022-065022

Shah, S, Bradbury-Jones, C & Taylor, J 2022, 'Enabling the authentic voice: generating ethnographies of women with cerebral palsy', Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research, vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 82-95.

Sammut, D, Ferrer, L, Gorham, E, Hegarty, K, Kuruppu, J, Salvo, FL & Bradbury-Jones, C 2022, 'Healthcare Students’ and Educators’ Views on the Integration of Gender-Based Violence Education into the Curriculum: a Qualitative Inquiry in Three Countries', Journal of Family Violence.

Azar, M, Kroll, T & Bradbury-Jones, C 2022, 'How do nurses and midwives perceive their role in sexual healthcare?', BMC Women's Health, vol. 22, no. 1, 330.

Caswell, R, Ross, JDC, Maidment, I & Bradbury-Jones, C 2022, 'Providing a supportive environment for disclosure of sexual violence and abuse in a sexual and reproductive healthcare setting: a realist review', Trauma, Violence, & Abuse.

Beishon, LC, Haunton, VJ, Bradbury-Jones, C, Subramaniam, H, Mukaetova-Ladinska, EB, Panerai, RB, Robinson, TG & Evley, R 2022, 'The Cognition and Flow Study (CogFlowS): a mixed method evaluation of a randomized feasibility trial of cognitive training in dementia', Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, vol. 87, no. 3, pp. 1013-1031.

Desai, R, Bandyopadhyay, S, Zafar, S & Bradbury-Jones, C 2022, 'The experiences of post-separation survivors of domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic: findings from a qualitative study in the UK', Violence against Women. <>

Donagh, B, Bradbury-Jones, C & Taylor, J 2022, 'The use of technology to support children and young people experiencing domestic violence and abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic: a failure modes and effects analysis', Journal of Gender-Based Violence, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 393-405.

Shah, S, Taylor, J & Bradbury-Jones, C 2021, 'Barriers and enablers to participating in regular screening programmes for women with cerebral palsy: a qualitative life course study', Journal of Advanced Nursing.

Martin, LS, Bradbury-Jones, C, Koroma, S & Forcer, S 2021, 'Bringing inside out: humor, outreach, and sexual and gender-based violence in Sierra Leone', Critical African Studies.

Usher, K, Bradbury Jones, C, Bhullar, N, Durkin, DJ, Gyamfi, N, Fatema, SR & Jackson, D 2021, 'COVID-19 and family violence: is this a perfect storm?', International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, vol. 30, no. 4, pp. 1022-1032.

Other report

Flowe, H, Karavias, Y, Bandyopadhyay, S, Bradbury-Jones, C, Taylor, J & Kane, E 2022, The CARA (Cautioning and Relationship Abuse) Service: theory of change, impact evaluation and economic benefits study report. PsyArXiv.

Review article

Donagh, B, Al Mushaikhi, M, Bradbury-Jones, C & Taylor, J 2022, 'Sibling experiences of adverse childhood experiences: a scoping review', Trauma, Violence, & Abuse.

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