Dr Caroline Bradbury-Jones PhD, MA, RN, RM, HV

Dr Caroline Bradbury-Jones

School of Nursing
Professor of Gender Based Violence and Health

Contact details

Institute of Clinical Sciences
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Caroline is a registered nurse, midwife and health visitor. Her research interests lie broadly within the scope of addressing inequalities and more specifically are focused on issues of family violence and child abuse and neglect. She has led or been actively involved in securing funding for a number of research projects relevant to these areas. She has undertaken research or engaged in scholarly activities with a number of countries including Japan, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany and Finland. Caroline leads the Risk, Abuse and Violence research programme at the University of Birmingham. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Caroline has addressed the consequences the pandemic might have on domestic violence, with the result of lockdown increasing the rate of domestic violence in the home against women and children.


  • 2009 - Bangor University, PhD in Nursing
  • 2005 - Manchester Metropolitan University, MA in Education
  • 1996 - Manchester Metropolitan University, PG Certificate in Education             
  • 1995 -  Manchester Metropolitan University, BSc (Hons) Community Health
  • 1991 - Manchester Metropolitan University,Registered Health Visitor
  • 1988 - Salford Health Authority, Registered Midwife
  • 1983 - Clwyd Health Authority, Registered General Nurse


Caroline is an Associate Editor for Child Abuse Review and is an editorial board member for Journal of Clinical Nursing and International Journal of Social Research Methodology. She is a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Academy of Nursing Science and holds a position as Trustee for the British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect .

She is a prolific writer and has published widely in nursing and non-nursing journals. Her publications reflect her interest in a range of empirical, theoretical and methodological perspectives. Caroline is an experienced teacher having contributed to a spectrum of curriculum development and leadership projects from undergraduate through to doctoral level programmes. She has extensive experience of face-to-face, on-line, distance, small group and large group teaching.

Postgraduate supervision

Current Research Supervision

Marie Clancy (P/T PhD) University of Birmingham
Rachel Caswell (P/T PhD) University of Birmingham
Ron Meechan (P/T PhD) University of Birmingham
Sarah Rockowitz (F/T) University of Birmingham (Global Challenges)
Ben Donagh (PT PhD) University of Birmingham
Khadijah Alshawush (F/T) University of Birmingham
Philippa McKnight (F/T) University of Birmingham (ESRC DTP)

Doctoral Supervision (completed)

Mathilde Azar (PhD) University of Dundee
Bahia Abdallah (PhD) University of Dundee
Michael Ramsay (Ed. Doc.) University of Dundee
Georgina Morley (PhD) University of Bristol
Louise Isham (PhD) University of Birmingham
Susan Waigwa (PhD) University of Birmingham 

Doctoral Examination

University of Dundee: PhD November 2010
Elaine Lee ‘Disclosure in Maternity Care Contexts: the Paradigm Case of Sexual Orientation’

University of Strathclyde: Educational Doctorate March 2011
Angela Dow ‘Simulation-Based Learning in the Context and Situation that it is Applied: a Case Study 

University of Teesside: Professional Doctorate April 2011
Michael Fleet ‘A Critical Inquiry into the Lived Experience of Caring on a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit’

Glyndwr University: PhD Dec 2012
Nikki Lloyd Jones ‘Having a leg to stand on …' Decision making in clinical practice: An exploratory study’

University of Huddersfield: PhD July 2013
Caroline Barker ‘Directed Study Time in an undergraduate adult nursing curriculum:  the lived experiences of students and lecturers’

King’s College London: PhD Dec 2015
Wladzia Czuber-Dochan ‘A phenomenological study of fatigue in patients with IBD’

University of Brighton: Professional Doctorate in Nursing April 2016
Norma Sarsby ‘Representing Others: an exploration of health visiting practices to address Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) in Black and Minority Ethnic communities'

Flinders University, South Australia: Doctor of Public Health August 2016
Lara Andrews 'A mixed method study of the factors that influence Papua New Guinean nurses' identification and management of family sexual violence'

Salford University: PhD September 2016
Sara Kennedy ‘An exploration of empowerment of final-year nursing students while on clinical placement in Ireland using Social Domain Theory’

University of Birmingham: PhD September 2017
Victoria Clarke ‘A transatlantic phenomenological study of why student psychiatric/mental health nurses choose their profession’

Monash University, Australia: PhD May 2018
Simon Sawyer ‘The paramedic response to intimate partner violence’

University of Dundee: PhD  August 2018
Laurie Matthew ‘Perspectives of young sexual abuse survivors, unknown to child protection services, about confidentiality: participatory study’

University of South Wales: MRes September 2018
Catrin Wallace ‘Using a Realist Approach to Evaluate a Domestic Abuse Primary Prevention Programme for Children and Young People with Additional Learning Needs’

National University of Ireland, Galway: PhD January 2019
Collette Kirwan ‘Influencing Factors in the Implementation and Management of Universal Screening for Intimate Partner Violence in Antenatal Care Setting: A Case Study’

University of Greenwich: Professional Doctorate (EdD) January 2019
Helen Elliot ‘Health visitors and domestic abuse: An examination of health visitors’ experiences, values, beliefs and the impact these may have on their ability for effectively working with women experiencing domestic abuse’

University College Dublin: PhD January 2019
Siobán O’Brien Green ‘I'm still afraid to say it kind of’: Factors associated with the disclosure of domestic violence and subsequent positive service utilisation during and after pregnancy in Ireland.


Grants since 2010

2016    Bradbury-Jones, C. & Ward, N. Gender, Sexual Diversity And Professional Practice Learning (The DAPPLE project). Education Enhancement Fund UoB. £15,330

2016    Bradbury-Jones, C. & Taylor, J. Identification and Referral to Improve Safety (IRIS): Evaluation of two Birmingham sites. Birmingham and Sandwell CCGs. £10,088

2016    Taylor, J. & Bradbury-Jones, C. Child Protection Issues in Military Families. NSPCC. £20,810

2015    Lewis, A., Clark, M. & Bradbury-Jones, C. Public health nurses’ knowledge and confidence in promoting positive sexual health of young people who use technology to share self-images known as ‘selfies’ and/or ‘sexting’. £7,844

2015    Bradbury-Jones, C. & Hewison, A. When Elderly People Abuse their Carers: A mixed-methods study to investigate the health and social care needs of carers. University of Birmingham, Endowment PhD studentship (3 years) £57,800

2014    Bradbury-Jones, C. & Broadhurst, K. Supporting Nursing Students in Recognising and Responding to Domestic Abuse: Development of a Mixed-media, On-line Educational Resource. University of Manchester School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, Education Innovation and Evaluation Unit (9 months) £2,906

2013    Bradbury-Jones, C. & Taylor, J.S. The Abused Women Awareness, Recognition and Empowerment (AWARE) project. HEFCE & UnLtd (6 months) £5,000

2012    Bradbury-Jones, C., Kroll, T., Taylor, J.S., Duncan, F., MacGillivray, S., Lazenbatt, A. & Devaney J. Investigating the Relationship between Disability, Domestic Abuse and Access to Maternity Healthcare: Implications for Obstetric Health and Wellbeing. Wellbeing of Women (21 months) £80, 090

2012    Allan H., Bradbury-Jones, C., & Symon, A. The transition from infertile woman to new motherhood: a cross-country comparison of the meaning of motherhood after IVF (IVF). European Academy of Nursing Science €5,000

2012    Taylor, J.S., Hunter, H.  Rahilly, T. Children who go missing from care: A participatory project with young people as peer interviewers. BASPCAN (12 months) (Project Researcher: Bradbury-Jones, C.) £7,660

2011    Bradbury-Jones, C., Innes, N., Taylor, J.S., Evans, D., Ballantyne, F.  Health Visitors' Role in Assessing Oral Health in Children: Investigating Dental Neglect Thresholds. Queens Nursing Institute Scotland (10 months) £7,810

2010    Rattray, J., Bradbury-Jones, C., MacGillivray S., Jones, M. Promoting the health, safety and welfare of adults with learning disabilities in acute care settings. NHS Tayside, Scotland (7 months) £23,251

2010    Taylor, J.S., Bradbury-Jones, C., Kroll, T. & Duncan, F.  Health Professionals' Beliefs about Domestic Abuse and the Impact these have on their Responses to Disclosure: A Critical Incident Technique Study. Chief Scientist Office (12 months) £41,788

Other activities


  • 2015     Queen’s Nursing Institute for Scotland - Honorary Fellowship of QNIS
  • 2017     Honorary Contract - Public Health England
  • 2017     Aurora Leadership Programme - Cardiff cohort
  • 2017     Research Leaders Programme Cohort #2 - University of Birmingham
  • 2017    Winston Churchill Foundation  - Fellowship
  • 2017     Institute of Clinical Sciences Outstanding Achievement  - University of Birmingham
  • 2018     Article of the month  - University of Birmingham
  • 2019     Teaching Innovation of the month - University of Birmingham                    

Editorial Board

  • Journal of Clinical Nursing - Editor since 2018
  • International Journal of Social Research Methodology - Editorial Board since 2016
  • Child Abuse Review - Associate Editor since 2013


Guest Edited Special Issues

Bradbury-Jones, C. (2016) Domestic violence and nursing: multiple perspectives to tackle a complex problem. Journal of Research in Nursing, 21(5-6), 342-344.

Bradbury-Jones, C. & Pearce, J. (2016) Child Sexual Exploitation: marginalised perspectives and temporal shifts. Child Abuse Review,  http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1002/(ISSN)1099-0852/homepage/editorial_-_child_sexual_exploitation__marginalised_perspectives_and_temporal_sh.htm

Humphreys, C. & Bradbury-Jones, C. (2015) Domestic Abuse and Safeguarding: Focus, Response and Intervention. Child Abuse Review, 24(4), 231-234.

Peer reviewed journal articles


Bradbury-Jones, C., Breckenridge, J., Clark, M.T., Herber, O.R., Wagstaff, C. & Taylor, J. The State of Qualitative Research in Health and Social Science Literature: A Focused Mapping Review and Synthesis. International Journal of Social Research Methodology. In press. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13645579.2016.1270583

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