Dr Josette Camilleri B.Ch.D., M.Phil., Ph.D., FICD, FADM., FIMMM, FHEA

Dr Josette Camilleri

School of Dentistry
Reader in Restorative Dentistry

Josette Camilleri obtained her Bachelor in Dental Surgery and Master of Philosophy in Dental Surgery from the University of Malta. She completed her doctoral degree, supervised by the late Professor Tom Pitt Ford, at Guy’s Hospital, King’s College London. She has worked at the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, Faculty for the Built Environment, University of Malta and at the Department of Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Surgery, University of Malta, Malta.

She is currently a Reader and Honorary Specialty Dentist at the School of Dentistry, College of Medical and Dental Sciences, Institute of Clinical Sciences, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom and visiting professor at KU Leuven, Leuven Belgium and University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.

Her research interests include endodontic materials such as root-end filling materials and root canal sealers, with particular interest in mineral trioxide aggregate; Portland cement hydration and other cementitious materials used as biomaterials and also in the construction industry.

Josette has published over 130 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and her work is cited over 7000 times. Three of her publications on the chemistry of mineral trioxide aggregate have been placed in the top 50 most cited papers in International Endodontic Journal.

In 2018, she has been awarded the Louis Grossman prize by the French Endodontic Society and is the first female recipient of this prestigious award. She is the Editor of Mineral trioxide aggregate. From preparation to application published by Springer in 2014. She is a contributing author to the 7th edition of Harty’s Endodontics in Clinical Practice (Editor: BS Chong) and Glass ionomer cements in Dentistry (Editor: SK Sidhu).

She is a senior editorial board member of Scientific Reports (Nature), a reviewer and a member of the scientific panels of a number of international journals and also an international lecturer.

Josette serves on the board of the British Society of Oral and Dental Research as a committee member and honorary assistant secretary, a council member of the British Endodontic Society and is also a member at large for the Dental Materials Group of the International Association of Oral and Dental Research.



  • FHEA  Fellow of Higher Education Academy in 2017
  • FICD Fellow of International College of Dentists in 2016
  • FADM Fellow of Academy of Dental Materials in 2012
  • FIMMM Fellow of Institute of Materials, Minerals and mining in 2012
  • PhD in Materials Science in 2007
  • M.Phil in Endodontology in 2001
  • B.Ch.D. in 1992


Josephine mostly known as Josette Camilleri was born in Malta and has trained as a dental surgeon at the University of Malta. She undertook post-graduate studies under the supervision of the late Prof Thomas Pitt Ford at King’s College London after securing a commonwealth scholarship. She obtained a PhD degree in 2007.

Josette has worked at the NHS in Malta from 1999-2007 after which she undertook an academic career as a resident academic first at the Department of Building and Civil Engineering, Faculty for the Built Environment, University of Malta and then at the Department of Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Surgery, University of Malta, Malta.

Josette has extensive experience in both teaching and research and has worked in collaboration with various institutions both in Malta and internationally. She is also an international lecturer and examiner and has been a reviewer for grants in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

Josette is the Editor of the book entitled “Mineral Trioxide Aggregate in Dentistry: From Preparation to Application” published by Springer in 2014 and has written various book chapters. She has also patented two endodontic materials.

She is a fellow of

 - Academy of Dental Materials

- Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

- International College of Dentists

- Higher Education Academy

Furthermore she is a Committee Member of the following COST networks

- MP1301: New generation biomimetic and customized implants for bone engineering (NEWGEN)

- TD 1305: Improved Protection of Medical Devices Against Infection (IPROMEDAI)

- CA15114: Anti-MIcrobial Coating Innovations to prevent infectious diseases-

- CA16119: In vitro 3-D total cell guidance and fitness

- CA15216: European Network of Bioadhesion Expertise: Fundamental Knowledge to In-spire Advanced Bonding Technologies

She also heads the focus group on antimicrobial properties of dental devices in TD 1305: Improved Protection of Medical Devices Against Infection (IPROMEDAI) and is a core group member in MP1301: New generation biomimetic and customized implants for bone engineering (NEWGEN).


Josette Camilleri is known for her research on mineral trioxide aggregate. She has characterized and identified the composition of the original formulation of mineral trioxide aggregate and also shown its interaction with the environment and biological tissues. Her research has been instrumental in further material development and the creation of various second generation material available clinically. She has also developed  and tested a number of prototypes which could prospectively be launched in the future.

Josette has also worked extensively on the mechanisms of discolouration of teeth caused by various materials used in Endodontics and has also researched the changes to materials subjected to various environments during clinical use.

Other research involvement includes testing of zirconia and other ceramics, antimicrobial testing of various dental materials, standardisation of testing of materials, and the creation of ex vivo models for better understanding of the interaction of dental materials when in clinical use.

Through various collaborations with Engineering and Civil Engineering, research on building materials used in the construction industry and the reutilisation of wastes in concrete construction has also been undertaken.  


Recent publications


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Review article

Camilleri, J, Arias Moliz, T, Bettencourt, A, Costa, J, Martins, F, Rabadijeva, D, Rodriguez, D, Visai, L, Combes, C, Farrugia, C, Koidis, P & Neves, C 2020, 'Standardization of antimicrobial testing of dental devices', Dental Materials, vol. 36, no. 3, pp. e59-e73. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dental.2019.12.006

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