Professor Una Martin

Professor Una Martin

Institute of Clinical Sciences
Dean of Birmingham Medical School
Professor of Clinical Pharmacology

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Institute of Clinical Sciences
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Professor Una Martin is Dean of Birmingham Medical School and Professor of Clinical Pharmacology. She is a consultant in General Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology at University Hospital Birmingham Foundation Trust where she leads the Hypertension Service. 


At undergraduate level, Una’s main contribution has been to develop and deliver the 5th year Therapeutics teaching programme and Prescribers’ Licence (previously the Therapeutics OSCE) as module lead for prescribing in the MBChB. The expertise gained was used to develop the National Prescribing Assessment which the College has now adopted. Una is lead for the Hypertension module in the postgraduate MSc in cardiovascular medicine with responsibility for programme design and recruitment of speakers. She is responsible for Clinical Pharmacology training in the West Midlands as Chair of the Specialist Training Committee.

Her national contribution to Clinical Pharmacology has been recognised by a Fellowship from the British Pharmacological Society in 2012. She is External Examiner for Therapeutics in University of Cork.


Una’s area of expertise is in hypertension and her contribution to the field has been recognised by a Fellowship of the British Hypertension Society. Her research has had a major impact on how hypertensive patients are diagnosed and treated both in the UK and Internationally.  Highlights include:

  • She has investigated ethnic differences in blood pressure measured by ambulatory, clinic and home monitoring.
  • Her clinical experience in ambulatory monitoring (ABPM) informed the design and interpretation of a systematic review published in the BMJ and subsequent cost effective analysis published in the Lancet which led to a major change in NICE guidelines in 2011 (NICE clinical guideline 127).
  • Her delivery of an ABPM service was used as a template in a subsequent NICE implementation guideline (NICE clinical guideline 127) and my team developed an instruction video on ABPM on behalf of the British Hypertension Society.
    • She has published several papers relevant to the day to day management of hypertension for example on the relationship between inter-arm blood pressure measurements to ambulatory readings, the problem of adverse drug reactions in antihypertensive treatment in patients aged >80 years and the worrying trend of prescription of inappropriate (and potentially teratogenic) antihypertensive agents to women of child bearing age.

Other activities


Following the publication of “Women in Academic Medicine” by the BMA (2008), Una took a lead role in a Women in Academic Medicine (WAMs) Steering Group established in MDS, subsequently becoming the group’s Chair. Their programme includes workshops tailored to the needs of female academics, a College wide mentoring scheme and events and networking opportunities. More systemic barriers have also been addressed and she has been successful in raising issues and proposing solutions at senior levels: a scheme to “buy out” teaching or administration for those returning from maternity/adoption leave so individuals can focus on their research is now University policy;  WAMs is currently piloting a scheme which nominates MDS Leads to advise individuals about promotions and to give support where funding for maternity leave is complex.

Una has been an effective advocate for Athena SWAN at Birmingham. She led the MDS self-assessment team (SAT) which achieved a College, first Silver Award in 2014 and also Chair’s the University’s SAT. Una has ensured the lessons learnt and best practices from MDS have been disseminated across STEMM disciplines and has actively supported Schools to achieve awards to date. The Athena SWAN work has had a wider impact across the University, which in 2014, launched an initiative “Advancing Equality in Employment” (AEiE) to address barriers across all strands of equality. As a member of the Steering Group, her  experience of diversity issues and pro-active approach were instrumental in the success of AEiE (which won the first ever Personnel Today HR Award for Equality and Inclusion).

Following the AEiE the University established a DPVC role for Equalities to build on progress. Since successfully applying for this role in September 2015 Una has overseen the development of a new Equality Scheme for 2016-2020, encouraging all students and staff to identify ‘one key change’ they would like to see; she made a successful case to the University Board for significant additional funding and champions wider equalities, for example by hosting a Stonewall Allies workshop at the University in May.

Programme Director of the NIHR/WTCRF

Una was Programme Director of the NIHR/WTCRF, a partnership between the University of Birmingham and University Hospital Birmingham Foundation Trust from 2011-2015. This is a key strategic role for the delivery of Clinical Research in the College of MDS.


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Learning modules

  1. Martin U, Thomas S. Prescribing in Special Circumstances: Older Adults. SCRIPT eLearning programme. NHS Midlands and East (2011). Available on line at

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