Dr Chris McConville BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Chris McConville

School of Pharmacy
Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, Formulation and Drug Delivery

Contact details

School of Pharmacy
Institute of Clinical Sciences
Sir Robert Aitken Institute for Medical Research
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Chris McConville is a Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, Formulation and Drug Delivery. His previous experience within the pharmaceutical industry and academia has provided him with expertise in preformulation, dosage form design, drug delivery and analysis.

He believes that for most diseases we currently have some excellent drug candidates; but in some cases we just choose to administer them incorrectly.  Therefore, there is a need to improve the way in which we deliver certain drugs to the body. 

His research is focused on the design, formulation and characterisation of novel dosage forms and delivery devices to improve therapeutic outcomes for patients, while reducing systemic toxicities and improving their quality of life during treatment. 


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning (2013)
  • PhD in Pharmaceutics, Queen’s University of Belfast (2008)
  • MSc in Biomolecular Structure and Function, Queen’s University of Belfast (2005)
  • BSc in Applied Biochemical Sciences, University of Ulster (2003)


Chris holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning and has experience in lecturing to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

He currently teaches on the MPharm programme at the University of Birmingham.

Postgraduate supervision

Dr McConville is interested in supervising research projects in the following areas:

The development of implantable drug delivery devices for the localised treatment of brain tumours
The use of 3D printing to manufacture multi-layered tablets
HIV Microbicides and Multipurpose Prevention Technology
Solubility enhancement of poorly water soluble drugs

Other activities

Chris is currently a reviewer for a number of leading pharmaceutical and drug delivery journals.


Recent publications


Lastakchi, S, Olaloko, MK & McConville, C 2022, 'A Potential New Treatment for High-Grade Glioma: A Study Assessing Repurposed Drug Combinations against Patient-Derived High-Grade Glioma Cells', Cancers, vol. 14, no. 11, 2602. https://doi.org/10.3390/cancers14112602

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