Dr Connie Wiskin BA (hons); MPhil; PhD; ILT

Dr Connie Wiskin

Institute of Clinical Sciences
Reader in Medical Education
Director of the Interactive Studies Unit

Contact details

Interactive Studies Unit
90 Vincent drive
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Connie is a Reader in Medical Education, specialising in Clinical Communication, Professionalisation and Academic Methods. Her research background is in summative OSCE assessment, along with a wide range of other healthcare education investigations and evaluations. She has 30 years’ experience in the design and delivery of interactive teaching and examination. She established the College’s in-house healthcare simulation team in 1991. In addition Connie has a longstanding interest in international health. She Co-Lead for the MBChB International Elective, and Deputy for the intercalated research degree in Global Health. Connie is the Director of the ISU, which supports all ICS programmes; Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and Physician Associate. She is head of the Referred Students Programme, an intensive coaching resource for learners in difficulty.


  • PhD in interactive consultation assessment (exam psychometrics) 2007

  • MPhil in application of simulation methodologies to counselling and vocational training 1991

  • BA (hons) in History 1886

  • ILT (Institute of Learning and teaching) accredited

  • ACST


Connie Wiskin joined UoB in 1991, implementing the human simulation (role play) methodology from her MPhil. This remains central to Birmingham’s healthcare degree programmes. Connie has been involved in the in the devising and implementation of undergraduate/postgraduate clinical communication teaching and testing since inception, working with most clinical specialities across grades. Part of this is remediation, with particular expertise in the identification and management of individuals referred as ‘in difficulty’ with their professional and academic development.  Connie has published widely, gaining national and international reputation as an advisor.

In addition to subject-specific curriculum responsibility, Connie is a Module Coordinator for the International Elective, modernising a programme spanning 3 years of MBChB. Pro-active at national level Connie chaired the MSC UK Electives Committee, and is Deputy for the UoB GlobalHealth Intercalation. Connie represents Birmingham at the UK Council for Clinical Communication. Active there for 15 years, she’s worked on achieving national standards, including leading on cross-organisation research collaborations and UK consensus documents.

A range of research interests cover specialist projects and supervision of student researchers (UG and PG). She holds a PhD on the reliability of simulated patient and clinician scoring in high stakes medical assessments, and is an accredited member of the Institute of Learning and Teaching.  She has published on 30+ occasions in peer reviewed journals, including assessment psychometrics, communication, educational evaluation, gender, national recruitment, and international health, and has presented 60+ original papers at national and international conferences and symposia. This led to external consultancies, including OSCE advisor, exams and fellowship moderator and examiner/assessments trainer for the Royal College of Surgeons and Dental Surgeons.

Connie’s work is cross-specialty, including Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physician Associates, Veterinary and Biomedical Science.

Another special interest is in developing multi-media training initiatives; she has co-authored, designed and produced numerous regional and commercially available training packages.


  • Clinical Communication – degrees of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing.

  • Coaching for students in difficulty with communication, language, professional development and academic methods 

  • Global Health (Elective and Intercalation BMedSci)

  • Personal Academic Tutor MBChB and BMedSci

Postgraduate supervision

Supervisor Masters by Research


  • Psychometrics of the OSCE examination

  • Educational evaluation

  • Healthcare simulation

  • Clinical communication

  • Elective placement experience, and risk assessment

  • Student support, and remediation


I also support student researchers in International Health from project to publication

Other activities

  • Mini-Medical School

  • Reviewer – Medical Teacher

  • University Appeals Committee

  • Student Welfare – PM Tutor


Recent publications


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