Dr Connie Wiskin BA (hons); MPhil; PhD; ILT

Dr Connie Wiskin

Institute of Clinical Sciences
Senior Lecturer
Interactive Studies Team Lead

Contact details

Interactive Studies Team
90 Vincent drive
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Connie is a Senior Lecturer in the Primary Care team, specialising in clinical communication. She has over 20 years of experience in the design and delivery of courses relating to interpersonal skills and professional attitudes. Her research field is interactive assessment and educational evaluation. She established the Birmingham role play team in 1991, and is Interactive Studies Team Lead. Wider College responsilities include being Academic Lead for the SSC and the Elective, and she has developed a reputation as an exams and examiner advisor at national level.


Senior Lecturer in Primary Care Clinical Sciences, specialising in Clinical Communication

  • PhD in interactive consultation assessment (exam psychometrics) 2007
  • MPhil in application of simulation methodologies to counselling and vocational training 1991
  • BA (hons) in History 1886
  • ILT (Institute of Learning and teaching) accredited
  • ACST


Connie joined the department in 1991, and is an accomplished interactive teacher. She implemented the role play methodology at Birmingham Medical School on the basis of her Masters research, and was responsible for the recruitment and development of our now well-established medical simulation team. She has been involved in the devising and delivery of undergraduate Clinical Communication programmes since 1991, and has been a Director of the Interactive Studies Unit since 1993. Connie has extensive experience of interactive methodologies, and has worked with most postgraduate health and clinical specialities. She holds a PhD on the reliability of role-play scoring in high stakes medical assessments, and is an accredited member of the Institute of Learning and Teaching. Her assessment background has gained her a number of advisory roles, including to the Royal College of Dental Surgeons and the West Midlands Deanery. She has published on many subjects, including assessment and gender, and has presented in excess of 40 original papers at national and international conferences and symposia. Connie also specialises in interactive management training, and has adapted corporate technique to the medical context. She has a long-standing interest in training videos, and has co-authored, designed and produced numerous commercially available training packages. A novel DVD on language use with patients at end of life has been released, and she is in the process of producing a book on the management of intimate consultations. Having trained originally in humanities she retains her interest in theatre, and promotes interactive related methodologies wherever possible. She is a Senior Lecturer, Academic Lead for the SSC (Student Selected Component) of the MBChB degree, and Module for the Elective.



  • MBChB:
    Community Based Medicine
    Medicine In Society
    SSC (Elective, SP1 & SP2)
    Firm 1
  • BMedSci
    Graduate Entry Course (GEC)
    ISU postgraduate contract and a variety of ad hoc external courses and consultancies.


Current research interests include:

  • Assessment methodologies (reliability and validity)
  • Educational evaluation
  • Gender and ethnicity as performance variables 
  • Interactive approaches to vocational recruitment
  • Qualitative analysis of data relating to support for ‘underperforming’ students

Other activities

Mini-Medical School
Reviewer – Medical Teacher
University Appeals Committee
Student Welfare – PM Tutor


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