Professor Julie Allan

Professor Julie Allan

School of Education
Professor of Equity and Inclusion

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School of Education
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Julie Allan is Professor of Equity and Inclusion and was formerly the Head of the School of Education. Her work encompasses inclusive education, disability studies and children’s rights and is both empirical and theoretical. She has a particular interest in educational theory and the insights offered through poststructural and social capital analyses. Julie has been advisor to the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and the Dutch and Queensland Governments and has worked extensively with the Council of Europe.


  • PhD (Stirling)
  • BEd (Moray House, Edinburgh)


Postgraduate supervision

Julie has supervised to completion a large number of EdD and PhD students. Their research has focused on a wide range of areas within education, including students with profound and multiple learning difficulties, disaffected learners, professional education, curriculum, speech and language therapists, art education and homework. She has also supervised doctoral students investigating other professional contexts including cultural policy, medical handover, nurse education, and hospitality.

Julie is currently supervising doctoral students working on inclusion in early years, ADHD and sexual abuse within the autism population.

Prospective doctoral students working in inclusion, disability and children’s rights would be particularly welcome, as would those with a focus on other aspects of education but who wish to engage with educational theory.


Julie is currently writing a book (with Valerie Harwood and Clara Joergensen) on educational governance, which will feature in the Routledge World Yearbook in Education Series. She is also undertaking a project, Our School, Our Space, within the University of Birmingham School.


Selected publications

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Disability in education and special educational needs; all aspects of diversity and education policy.

Policy experience

Expert adviser to Council of Europe on educational policy; organised several European ministerial conferences and high level meetings relating to educational policy; adviser to the Scottish Parliament on special educational needs; adviser to the Welsh Assembly on special educational needs; adviser to the Queensland Government on education and inclusion.

Other information: School Governor.