Professor Wolfgang Teubert D.Phil

Department of English Language and Linguistics
Emeritus Professor

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Now increasingly retired, I gradually move away from corpus linguistics into discourse analysis, from a hermeneutic and neo-pragmatic perspective, believing that the social and natural world we encounter is constituted by the discourse in which we take part.


  • D.Phil Heidelberg University


  • 1971 - Researcher, Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS), Mannheim
  • 1975 - Head of Department of Research Facilities (IDS)
  • 1993 - Head of Department of Language Change (IDS)
  • 1997 - Senior Research Fellow, Head of Multilingual Research (IDS)
  • 2000  - Chair of Corpus Linguistics, University of   Birmingham
  • 2014  - Retirement


My current research probes discourse as an contingent autopoietic, self-organising, self-referential, evolving system exhibiting intentionality and constructing its own reality including those who participate in discourse. By actively taking part in discourse, we can change this reality according to our needs and interests.

Other activities

Editorial engagements

  • International Journal of Corpus Linguistics (Benjamins), founding editor (since 2007: consulting editor)
  • Studies in Corpus and Discourse series (Continuum): co-editor
  • Studies in Corpus Linguistics (Benjamins): consulting editor
  • [Journal of] Languages in Contrast (Benjamins): editorial board
  • [Journal of] Language and Dialogue (Benjamins): Associate Editor
  • Dialogue Studies series (Benjamins): editorial board

Visiting professorships

  • Communication University of China, Beijing (since 2004)
  • Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao (since 2005)
  • Henan Normal University, Xinxiang (since 2007)


Selected publications 

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