Professor John Lloyd BSc, D.I.C, PhD, DSc, F.I.C.E, FREng

Professor John Lloyd

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Emeritus Professor

Contact details

+44 (0)121 41 46164
+44 (0)121 41 44942
School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Professor Lloyd was appointed to the University of Birmingham in 1973 to set-up the Hydrogeology MSc Course and Research Group in Earth Sciences. The focus of the hydrogeology throughout has been to adopt a holistic approach to the subject. As Professor Lloyd’s pre-University career was chiefly in desert environments his personal research was carried out predominantly in regional arid basins with a view to understanding long-term impacts on the abstraction of non-renewable groundwaters and the maintenance of regional flows through storage depletion.


FREng – Elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering 2000
D.Sc. – Hydrogeology, University of Birmingham 1985
F.I.C.E. – Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers 1984
Ph.D. – Hydrogeology, University of Bristol 1970
D.I.C. – Diploma in Engineering Geology, Imperial College, London 1962
F. Geol. – Fellow of the Geological Society of London 1959
B.Sc. – Geology, University of Bristol 1957


1957-1961 Geologist with British Overseas Geological Survey in British Guiana
1962-1965 Engineering geologist with Civil Engineering Consultants in Jordan
1965-1969 Hydrogeologist with Food and Agriculture Organization in Jordan
1970-1973 Hydrogeologist with British Institute of geological Sciences in Chile
1973- Hydrogeologist at University of Birmingham – present Emeritaus Professor


1981 – Whitaker Medal – Institution of water Engineers and Scientists
1990 – Aberconway Medal – Institution of Geologists
1990 – William Smith medal – Geological Society of London
2000 – President’s Award – International Association of Hydrogeologists


Research interests

Arid zone hydrogeology
Saline intrusion
Regional hydrogeology

Current / recent research

Arid zone water resource management.

Professor Lloyd has extensive experience in arid zone hydrogeology having carried out research in the Sahara, Arabian Peninsula, Atacama, Central Australia and the Kalahari.

His most recent work has related to the development of regional groundwater management models in the Sahara and Arabian Peninsula.


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