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Dr Kailing Xie

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Lecturer in International Development

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School of Government
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University of Birmingham
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Dr Kailing Xie joined IDD as lecturer in International Development in 2021. Before coming to Birmingham, she was a Teaching Fellow in Gender and International Development at the Department of Politics and International Development at the University of Warwick after completing her PhD in Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of York in 2018. Dr Xie is also a Fellow in recognition of attainment against the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education.

Kailing takes a critical approach to International Development. Her work investigates the underlying social, cultural and political tensions underpinning China’s economic success through the lens of gender. She aims to uncover real people’s lived experience of different development projects against the backdrop of China’s rise on the global stage. Her recent monography, Embodying middle class gender aspirations: perspectives from China’s privileged young women, illuminates the centrality of heterosexual marriage as a primary institution in the organisation and reproduction of labour for the market economy, imbued with gendered inequality.

Her article on ‘Premarital Abortion’ was awarded the 2017 Early Career Researcher Prize by the British Association of Chinese Studies.


  • Lecturer in International Development
  • Fellow UK AdvanceHE
  • PhD in Women Studies 2018, University of York
  • MSc Management, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, UK
  • BA (Hons) English (Business), Sichuan Normal University, China


  • Module Convenor for MAKING POLICY
  • Convene Gender and Development (MSc module)

Other activities

Online Exhibition: ‘Making Alien-land Home-land’, funded by the City of Culture 2021 Coventry.



1.   Xie, K. (2021): Embodying Middle Class Gender Aspirations: Perspectives from China’s Privileged Young Women. London. Palgrave Macmillan. 305 pp.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

1. Xie, K. (2021): The Affective Life of The Nanjing Massacre: Re-Activating Historical Trauma in Governing Contemporary China. Accepted for publication in: HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory. (publisher's declaration of acceptance enclosed)

2. Xie, K. *, Zhou, Y. (2021): The Cultural Politics of National Tragedies and Personal Sacrifices: State Narratives of China’s ‘Ordinary Heroes’ of The Covid-19 Pandemic. Accepted for publication in: Made in China Journal. 6(1), 24-29.

3. Xie, K. (2020): Chasing Happiness: The Role of Marriage in the Aspiration of Success among China’s Middle-Class Women. In: Romantic relationships in a time of “cold intimacies”, Eds. Carter, J., Arocha, L., (London: Palgrave Macmillan), 181-206.

4. Tu, M. *, Xie, K. (2020): Privileged Daughters? Gendered Mobility Among Highly Educated Chinese Female Migrants in the UK. Social Inclusion, 8(2), 68-76.

5. Xie, K. (2019): The Naturalisation of Motherhood Within Marriage and Its Implications for Chinese Academic Women. British Journal of Chinese Studies, 9 (1), 59 – 84.

6. Xie, K. (2018): Premarital abortion—What is the Harm? The Responsibilisation of Women’s Pregnancy Among China’s “Privileged” Daughters. British Journal of Chinese Studies, 8(1), 1-31.

Popular Writing:

1. Xie, K. *, Chung, A. B., Gwendolene, C. (2019): Toolkit for Integrating a Gender-Sensitive Approach into Research and Checklist, Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development at University of Warwick, August 2019. Available online.

2. Xie, K., (2018): A Balanced Life? Young Mothers under the Two-Child Policy. In the Women and Gender in China WAGIC Blog, April 2018.

3. Xie, K., (2017): “Her China Dream”: The Aspiration of China’s Privileged Daughters, Discover Society, DS48, September 2017. Available online.

4. Xie, K., (2017): A Gendered Perspective on the Impact of Core Socialist Value on Chinese Women. ‘ジェンダーの視点からみる社会主義核心価値観による中国女性への影響’, Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Centre ‘女たちの21世紀’, No.92, December 2017, 38-39.

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