Dr Amy Naylor PhD

Amy Naylor

Institute of Inflammation and Ageing
Research Fellow

Contact details

Institute of Inflammation and Ageing (IIA)
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Amy Naylor is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Her main interest is the regulation of bone remodelling in the context of inflammation and ageing. Specifically, the contribution of stromal cell interactions with endothelial cells and osteoclasts.


  • PhD, Rheumatology (Oliver Bird Foundation): University of Newcastle, 2008
  • MRes, Medical and Molecular Biosciences: University of Newcastle, 2005
  • BSc (Hons International), Biology: University of Leeds, 2004


Amy Naylor completed an MSc and PhD in the Musculoskeletal Research Group at the University of Newcastle as part of the Oliver Bird Rheumatism Scheme.

She moved to the University of Birmingham to work for Professor Chris Buckley and was awarded a Foundation Fellowship from Arthritis Research UK to investigate the role of stromal cell-specific markers in inflammation and repair. Since completing the fellowship she has remained at the University of Birmingham in the Institute for Inflammation and Ageing and her research now centres on the role of the stroma and endothelium in orchestrating bone remodelling during inflammation and ageing.


2013 - 2016 Lecturer on BMedSci Intercalated Rheumatology and Orthopaedics module 

Postgraduate supervision

Amy has particular experience and interest in supervising students on cross-disciplinary schemes, for example the Research and Training Centre in Physical Sciences for Health

Amy is interested in supervising doctoral research students in the following areas:

• Bone remodelling in the context of inflammation

If you are interesting in studying any of these subject areas please contact Dr Amy Naylor directly, or for any general doctoral research enquiries, please email mds-gradschool@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

For a full list of available Doctoral Research opportunities, please visit our Doctoral Research programme listings.


Research themes

Bone remodelling in inflammation and ageing, stromal cell differentiation and migration, stromal cell-osteoclast interactions.


Recent publications


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Conference contribution

Glinton, S, Naylor, A & Claridge, E 2017, Diagnosing hypoxia in murine models of Rheumatoid Arthritis from reflectance multispectral images. in Proceedings of the 2017 European Conference on Biomedical Optics (ECBO). European Conference on Biomedical Optics Proceedings, OSA Publishing, 2017 European Conferences on Biomedical Optics (ECBO), Munich, Germany, 25/06/17.


Naylor, A & Bicknell, R Apr. 15 2021, Treatment of osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Review article

Lewis, J, Edwards, J, Naylor, A & McGettrick, H 2021, 'Adiponectin signalling in bone homeostasis, with age and in disease', Bone Research, vol. 9, 1. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41413-020-00122-0

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