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Meghan Campbell is Reader in International Human Rights Law at the University of Birmingham. Her research explores how the international human rights system can best respond to gender inequality and poverty. Her monograph Women, Poverty, Equality (Hart Publishing, 2018) explores how the concept of equality in the UN Convention on the Discrimination on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women can be interpreted to address gender-based poverty. She has published peer-reviewed articles on gender equality, human rights, international legal system and public law and provided written evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights and Women and Equalities Committee on Brexit and human rights. 


  • LLB, University of Manitoba (2008)
  • Call to the Bar, Province of Manitoba, Canada (2009)
  • LLM (International Law), University of Edinburgh (2011)
  • DPhil, University of Oxford (2016)


Meghan Campbell joined Birmingham Law School in 2017 as a Lecturer in Law. She holds an LLB from the University of Manitoba.  Before commencing her graduate studies, she was a Crown Attorney for the Province of Manitoba, Canada.

She has an LLM in International Law from the University of Edinburgh and a DPhil in law from the University of Oxford. During her doctoral degree, she was a stipendiary lecturer at New College, University of Oxford and taught constitutional and administrative law. After her DPhil, she was a Weston Junior Research Fellow at New College, University of Oxford. She taught on the labour law and comparative equality law at the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford and was a seminar leader for the Masters in Public Policy at the Blatvanik School of Government. 


  • Canadian Constitutional Law - Module Leader
  • Public Law 
  • Foundations of International Law and Globalisation 

Postgraduate supervision

Gender Equality
International Human Rights Law
Socio-Economic Rights
Enforcement of Rights

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Meghan Campbell pursues several harmonious strands of research. Her research investigates how the normative content and accountability mechanisms of human rights can break entrenched cycles of gender disadvantage. At the same time, she has been active, particularly on digital platforms, in examining how human rights and courts can positively contribute to realizing education for all learners. Her future projects will examine comparative dialogic approaches to human rights in the UK and assess how the human rights framework can respond to the complex causes of poverty.

Other activities



  • M. Campbell, Women, Poverty, Equality: The Role of CEDAW (Hart, 2018)
  • M. Campbell, S. Fredman and H. Taylor (eds) The Right to Education for Minority and Disadvantaged Children (Policy Press, 2018)
  • M. Campbell and S. Fredman (eds), Socio-Economic Rights and Constitutional Law: Edited Collection (Edward-Elgar, 2016) 

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • M. Campbell, ‘Reimaging Accountability for Grave and Systemic Abuses of Human Rights’ (2019) 2 University of Oxford Human Rights Hub Journal  55
  • M. Campbell, ‘Monitoring Women’s Socio-Economic Equality Under ICESCR’ (2018) 30(1) Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 82
  • M.Campbell, S. Fredman, J. Fudge and S. Olney, ‘A Better Future for Women at Work’ (2018) 1 University of Oxford Human Rights Hub 1
  • M. Campbell, ‘Reigniting the Dialogue: The Latest Use of the Notwithstanding Clause in Canada: Good Spirit School Division v Christ the Teacher Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 212 and The Government of Saskatchewan (2018) Jan Public Law 1
  • M. Campbell, ‘Women’s Rights and the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women: Unlocking the Potential of the Optional Protocol (2016) 34(4) Nordic Journal of Human Rights 242
  • M. Campbell and G. Swenson, ‘Legal Pluralism and Women’s Rights After Conflict: The Role of CEDAW’ (2016) 48(1) Columbia Human Rights Law Review 111
  • M. Campbell, ‘The Challenge of Girls’ Right to Education: Let’s Talk About Human-Rights Based Sex Education’ (2016) 20(8) International Journal of Human Rights 1219
  • M. Campbell, S. Fredman and J. Kuosmanen, ‘Transformative Equality: Making the Sustainable Development Goals Work 2016 for Women’ (2016) 30(2) Ethics & International Affairs 177
  • M. Campbell, J. Kuosmanen and L. Hilly, ‘Introduction’ (2016) 24(4) Special Edition of the African Journal of International and Comparative Law: Women and Poverty a Human Rights Perspective 469
  • M. Campbell, ‘CEDAW and Women’s Intersecting Identities: A Pioneering Approach to Intersectionality’ (2015) Revista Diretio GV 479

Digital Scholarship  


Other Publications  

  • M. Campbell et al, ‘Race Pay Gap Consultation’ Submission to UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • M. Campbell and B. Warwick, ‘Guiding Principles for Human Rights Impact Assessment for Economic Reform Policies’ (2018) Submission to the UN Independent Expert on the Effects of Foreign Debt
  • M. Campbell and B. Warwick, ‘Poverty in the UK and Violations of Human Rights’ (2018) Submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights
  • M. Campbell, ‘Working Together: The Sustainable Development Goals, Human Rights and Gender Equality’ (2018) Background Paper for the British Academy
  • M. Campbell, S. Fredman and A. Young ‘The Continuing Impact of Brexit on Equality Rights’ (2018) Report from OxHRH and UK in a Changing Workshop, Published on the OxHRH Website
  • M. Campbell et al, ‘Learner Pregnancy in Schools’ (2018) Submission to Equal Education Law Centre
  • M. Campbell and B. Warwick, ‘Protecting Women’s Rights in Times of Austerity’ (2018) Submission to UN Independent Expert on Foreign Debt and Other Related Financial Obligations
  • M. Campbell, S. Fredman, S. Atrey, J. Brickhill, S. Samtani and N. Ramalenka, ‘Achieving Transformative Equality for Persons with Disabilites’ (2017) Submission to the UN Committee on the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities 
  • M. Campbell, N. Bamforth, P. Craig, S. Fredman, S. Weatherhill and A. Young ‘The EU Charter After Brexit’ (2017) Submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights
  • M. Campbell, S. Fredman, A. Young and A. May, ‘The Impact of Brexit on Equality Rights’ Report from British Academy Workshop, Published on the OxHRH Website
  • M. Campbell, ‘Human Rights: The Bedrock of Philanthropy’ (Issue 15, Spring 2017) Philanthropy Impact Magazine 
  • M. Campbell, S. Fredman, A. Davies, M. Freedland and J. Fudge, ‘The Potential Challenges to Equality Law in the UK’ (2016) Submission to the UK Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights
  • M.Campbell, S. Fredman, A. Bogg and A. Young, ‘The Human Rights Implications of Brexit’ (2016) Submission to the UK Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights
  • M. Campbell, ‘Background Paper for a Better Future for Women’s Work’ (2015) for the International Labour Organization
  • M. Campbell, H. Taylor and L. Hilly (2015) ‘Background Paper for The Challenge of Public-Private Partnerships in Realizing the Right to Education’ for Oxford Human Rights Hub and Open Society Foundations webcast
  • M. Campbell, ‘Poverty and Inequality’ (April 2015) Philanthropy Impact Magazine
  • M. Campbell, ‘Book Review: Basic Equality and Discrimination: Reconciling Theory and Law by Nicholas Mark Smith’ (2013) Public Law 195

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Meghan Campbell has media experience in education rights, gender equality, international human rights law and human rights in the UK

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  • Human rights in the UK 
  • Education rights
  • Gender equality 
  • International human rights law
  • Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
  • Duty of Cooperation

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