Dr Bosko Tripkovic

Dr Bosko Tripkovic

Birmingham Law School
Senior Lecturer in Law
Director of Postgraduate Research

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Birmingham Law School
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Bosko Tripkovic researches and teaches in the areas of jurisprudence, constitutional law, and EU law. His book The Metaethics of Constitutional Adjudication (Oxford University Press 2017) develops an original theory of the role of values in constitutional reasoning, and combines insights from comparative constitutional law and metaethics. Dr Tripkovic has won the 2016 Mauro Cappelletti Prize for the best thesis in the field of comparative law defended at the European University Institute.


  • PhD (European University Institute)
  • LLM (European University Institute)
  • MJur (University of Oxford)
  • MPhil (University of Novi Sad)
  • LLB (University of Novi Sad)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (Birmingham)


Dr Tripkovic holds PhD and LLM degrees from the European University Institute, MJur degree from the University of Oxford, and MPhil and LLB degrees from the University of Novi Sad. He has previously worked as a post-doctoral research associate at the European University Institute, and as a lecturer at the University of Novi Sad. He has also spent an academic year at NYU Law School as a visiting scholar.

Dr Tripkovic has also been the executive editor of the European Journal of Legal Studies (2012-2014), convener of the Legal and Political Theory Working Group at the European University Institute (2011-2012 and 2013-2014), and a coordinator, affiliate and consultant on a number of research projects.


  • Jurisprudence (LLB)
  • Advanced Constitutional Law (LLB, module leader)
  • Advanced EU Law (LLB)
  • Legal Foundations of the European Union (LLB)

Postgraduate supervision

  • Commercial and company law (include banking, international commercial law, corporate governance)
  • Comparative law (include civil law)
  • Constitutional and administrative law (legal responses to terrorism)
  • Criminal law and criminal justice (including international criminal law and evidence)
  • Environmental law
  • European Union Law
  • Family law
  • International law and global legal studies (to include conflicts,  international economic law, International sale of goods, international trade law, transitional justice, law and development, international economic law, international criminal law)
  • Medical and healthcare law
  • Human rights and civil liberties
  • Jurisprudence and legal theory
  • Private law (contract, tort, restitution and common law, possibly also property and IP?)
  • Property law (including intellectual property)
  • Law and society (disability law, law and religion, gender and sexuality)
  • The legal profession (legal education, judicial administration)

Current PhD students

  • Albert Nell, Philosophical Justifications in International Criminal Law Jurisprudence
  • Adam Metzger, Universalism, Relativism, and the Human Right to Development
  • Marcelo Carvalho Loureiro, Nationality Laws in the Era of Globalisation(s)
  • Constantina Lazaridou, Fundamental Rights and the Internal Market
  • Audrey Schlegel, The Transformation of Parliamentary Power

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Dr Tripkovic’s research focuses on the philosophical foundations of judicial review. His book ‘The Metaethics of Constitutional Adjudication’, which explores the metaethical foundations of value-based arguments in constitutional adjudication, is available on Oxford Scholarship Online and Oxford University Press websites. Dr Tripkovic has most recently published on legal-philosophical aspects of the use of foreign law in constitutional reasoning, and on transformation of legal enforcement in Europe. His latest publications are available on SSRN and Academia. In his current research, Dr Tripkovic explores the legitimacy of post-national judicial review, especially in the context of human rights adjudication.

For research updates, follow him on twitter: @BoskoTripkovic.



  • The Metaethics of Constitutional Adjudication (Oxford University Press 2017) 


  • ‘The Morality of Foreign Law’ (2018) International Journal of Constitutional Law forthcoming
  • ‘Judicial Comparativism and Legal Positivism’ (2014) 5 Transnational Legal Theory 285


  • ‘Legal Pragmatism’ in M Sellers and S Kirste (eds), Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy(Springer 2019), with Dennis Patterson
  • ‘Enforcement in Europe as a Market of Justice’ in Hans-W Micklitz and A Wechsler (eds), The Transformation of Enforcement (Hart Publishing 2016), with Andrea Wechsler
  • ‘A Constitutional Court in Transition: Making Sense of Constitutional Adjudication in Post- authoritarian Serbia’ in A Brewer-Carias (ed), Constitutional Courts as Positive Legislators (Cambridge University Press 2011)


Dr Tripkovic has extensively published in Serbian language, including a monograph Equality and Differences: Women’s Right to Political Representation (Stylos/CEMI, Novi Sad and Podgorica, 2007).

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  • Philosophical foundations of judicial review
  • Legitimacy of post-national judicial review
  • Legal-philosophical aspects of the use of foreign law in constitutional reasoning
  • Judicial review in transitional societies
  • Constitutionalism and democratic transition
  • Militant democracy
  • Impeachment and responsibility of the head of state
  • Transformation of legal enforcement in Europe