Dr Ilija Rašović MEng AMRSC MInstP GradIMMM

Dr Ilija Rašović

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences
Lecturer in Liberal Arts & Natural Sciences
Lecturer in Engineering & Physical Sciences

Contact details

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences Hub
ERI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Ilija has a dual role between LANS and the EPS college. Within LANS he teaches module sessions with an interdisciplinary science focus, he is a personal tutor, he supervises final year dissertations, and he leads the Cultural Programme. Ilija champions Science Communication for EPS, teaching and advising undergraduates, postgraduates and established researchers in order to maximise their impact via oral, visual and written media.

Feedback and office hours

LANS office hours

Monday 2–3:30pm and Thursday 11:30am–1pm 


  • MEng Materials Science (Corpus Christi, Oxford)
  • DPhil Materials (St Cross, Oxford)


Having completed an undergraduate masters in Materials Science, Ilija stayed on in Oxford to carry out his DPhil studies under the supervision of Prof. Kyriakos Porfyrakis, looking at the functionalisation of fullerenes for exploitation in biomedical applications and incorporation into molecular machines. Ilija subsequently joined Birmingham as a Lecturer in LANS & EPS. 

He is an award-winning communicator of science—having won IOM3’s Literature Review Prize (2016) and finishing runner-up in IOM3’s Young Person’s World Lecture Competition (2017), after winning the UK National Final—and is actively involved in outreach and engagement, giving inspirational talks to school students under-represented at UK universities.

Ilija’s engineering experience started at the end of his school days, spending four years operating CNC milling machines at small precision engineering firm, Lesk Engineers, out of term time. He has had a stint carrying out virtual crash tests at Jaguar Land Rover and is currently Advanced Materials Engineer at P1 Graphene Solutions, a company that incorporates graphene into automotive components.

He is a keen sportsman and musician, and is particularly interested in projects that operate at the interface between these fields and the physical sciences.


  • Acquisition, Representation & Dissemination of Scientific Data (part of 2nd year LANS core module: Interdisciplinarity I)
  • Presentation Skills (part of 1st year Met & Mat module: Communication & Critical Reasoning)
  • Employability & Entrepreneurship (new EPS-wide 3rd year module, in preparation)
  • Responsible Innovation (new Masters-level module, part of CDT in Topological Design, in preparation)

Postgraduate supervision

Ilija is keen to hear from undergraduate and postgraduate students.

He supervises interdisciplinary dissertations by LANS undergraduates, with particular focus on science, its communication, and its impacts.

Ilija warmly welcomes proposals from postgraduate students for co-supervision on projects in his research areas, and also on projects where implications and impacts of laboratory-based research are investigated.


Ilija carries out research on the synthesis of new fullerene-based materials for use in biomedical applications. This includes fullerene-based self-assembled systems; molecular spin probes and imaging agents using endohedral fullerenes; incorporation of fullerenes into rotaxane-based molecular machines. More broadly, he is interested in the chemistry of nanocarbons and supramolecular approaches to nanomedicine.