Dr Natalia Petrovskaya

Dr Natalia Petrovskaya

School of Mathematics
Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

Contact details

School of Mathematics
Watson Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Natalia Petrovskaya is a Senior Lecturer and a member of the Numerical Analysis Research Group in the School of Mathematics.

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  • PhD in Computational Mathematics (Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia, 1995)
  • MSci in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow, Russia, 1991)


  • Single Honours Mathematics (G100, G103, G141)
  • Mathematics Majors: Mathematics with Business Management (G1N2); Mathematics with Engineering (J920);
  • Joint Honours Mathematics: Mathematics & Computer Science (GG14); Mathematics & Sport Science (GC17); Mathematics & Music (GW13); Mathematics & Philosophy (GV15)
  • Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics (FG31)
  • Mathematics Minors: French Studies and Mathematics (GR11); German Studies and Mathematics (GR12)
  • Natural Sciences (CFG0, FCG0)

Postgraduate supervision

Lead supervisor of two PhD students

Natalia is interested in supervising doctoral research students in mathematical and computational ecology. Brief description of PhD projects can be found at http://web.mat.bham.ac.uk/N.B.Petrovskaya/NBPetrovskaya_studentprojects.htm


Natalia Petrovskaya is an applied mathematician with broad research experience in applied numerical analysis and computer simulation of complex biological, physical and engineering problems. Her research interests mainly concern design of non-conventional numerical algorithms for computational problems where standard numerical methods do not work or are not efficient because of the problem complexity. Recent applications include problems in mathematical ecology.

Research interests

Applied numerical analysis and computer simulation.


A full listing can be found at web.mat.bham.ac.uk/N.B.Petrovskaya/NBPetrovskaya_publications.htm


S.V.Petrovskii, N.B.Petrovskaya, D.Bearup. Multiscale Approach to Pest Insect Monitoring: Random Walks, Pattern Formation, Synchronization, and Networks. Phys Life Rev, 2014, vol.11, pp.467-525, doi: 10.1016/j.plrev.2014.02.001

N.L.Embleton, N.B.Petrovskaya. A Novel Approach to Evaluation of Pest Insect Abundance in the Presence of Noise. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 2014, vol.76, pp.718-743, doi: 10.1007/s11538-014-9940-z

N.B.Petrovskaya, N.L.Embleton. Evaluation of Peak Functions on Ultra-Coarse Grids. Proc. R. Soc. A, 2013, 469:20120665, doi: 10.1098/rspa.2012.0665

N.B.Petrovskaya, S. V. Petrovskii. The Coarse-Grid Problem in Ecological Monitoring. Proc. R. Soc. A, 2010, vol.466, pp. 2933-2953, doi: 10.1098/rspa.2010.0023.

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