Professor Sergey Shpectorov

Professor Sergey Shpectorov

School of Mathematics
Professor of Pure Mathematics

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School of Mathematics
Watson Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


  • PhD (Mathematics, Moscow State University 1990)



Sergey's research interests are in algebra, geometry, and combinatorics. The unifying theme is actions of groups: on geometries, graphs, Riemann surfaces, and, recently, axial algebras, which form a new interesting class of non-associative structures having applications in physics. In core group theory, Sergey is interested in finite simple groups, their classification, origin and properties of sporadic simple groups, and fusion systems. He is also interested in purely geometric and purely combinatorial questions, in particular, in the theory of diagram geometries and buildings, algebraic graph theory, and metric graph theory, including partial cubes and similar graphs with good metric properties.


Recent publications


McInroy, J & Shpectorov, S 2020, 'An expansion algorithm for constructing axial algebras', Journal of Algebra, vol. 550, pp. 379-409.,

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Blok, R, Hoffman, C & Shpectorov, S 2018, 'Classification of Curtis-Tits and Phan amalgams with 3-spherical diagram', Israel Journal of Mathematics.

De Bruyn, B & Shpectorov, S 2018, 'The hyperplanes of the near hexagon related to the extended ternary Golay code', Geometriae Dedicata.

Wang, G & Shpectorov, S 2018, 'l1-embeddability of generic quadrilateral Möbius maps', European Journal of Combinatorics.

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